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Hi, Unless you’ve been living under a rock recently, you’ll probably be aware that OSMC is out of beta and has now achieved its stable release. We’d like to take some time to explain how updates will be delivered to you and how they work. During the development of OSMC, we would release updates as…

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OSMC has been solid from the start.
One thing always pops into my mind when it asks to update/restart: so what’s been updated?
Is there anyway of displaying a changlog either before or after an update?

Excellent question.

When we were pushing updates on an almost daily basis, changelogs were tricky. Of course, now we’re offering monthly updates, we’ll always post a notice on the blog to let you know what’s changed.

One thing I spoke to @Karnage about would be sending the user an email when their system updates to tell them what’s changed and let them know which device was upgraded. E.g.

“Living Room Raspberry Pi 2 was upgraded to OSMC’s July update which contains the following changes”

Would anyone be interested in this?



That seems like a really nice touch. The email could also direct people here for help with problems. I’m betting there are more osmc users than there are participants on the forum.

Personally I would like to subscribeto get an email whenever there is a new release as I run the Pi as a server and don’t logon to it very often to see if there are any updates

Sounds like a great idea Sam!

Why not an on-screen change log like the one in addons?

Because that is harder to do in the right way. Any time OSMC updates from now on, the changelog will be at osmc.tv/blog, which I think is sufficient. We could get that delivered via email too.


I think a email would be good. Keeps good communication open and chance to address other issues if needed

OH YES PLEASE!!! :grin:

Running 4 pi’s with OSMC. Only 1 is set to receive auto updates. An email to let me know what has changed would be great. Hard to keep track sometimes! Meant to ask other day as part of other query but what bugs me most is knowing what release of Kodi latest release of OSMC is running? Could that be flagged somewhere in the changelog? Thanks Sam et al :slight_smile:

OSMC will always run the stable release of Kodi. At the moment this is 14.2.

We will not auto-update users to 15.x


Coolio Sam. In fear of hijacking thread. How do we know that OSMC is running latest stable release of kodi? Where is that written down on on OSMC info?


In Kodi.log, but as we only publish the stable version, it’s all you’ll ever receive by default



Sorry but to be clear for end users? For the end user how do WE know what version of kodi we are running?

I posted the link to the support request thread as I’ve updated it to contain the current versions available. This will be kept current.

Check the kodi.log file in /home/osmc/.kodi/temp


That would be the BEST!

Apologies, I should have been more clear and concise.

I run 4 x Pi’s with OSMC, 4 other devices in the home running Kodi on other platforms.

They all share a mysql database.

It is of no use to me upgrading OSMC on a Pi to then check the logs to see which version of Kodi I am running because then it will be after the fact of setting advanced settings .xml files, etc etc etc.

I would like to know in advance what version of Kodi I am getting with OSMC before I install it.

I think ActionA gave me an answer to that but am struggling to get the link tonight due to PC issues :pensive:

As usual thanks all!