OSMC Vero 4K : Analogue Output Quality?


Hi, I’m looking to buy the Vero 4K, but I still have one concern :

I’m an “audio fan” so I’d like to use the Vero 4K as much for movies than as an audio media player.

I have a good quality analog amplifier, with RCA input.

My question : is the anaog output from the vero good enough to get a qality sound ? Or should I get more in drection of other solution with an dedicated DAC (honestly, like https://www.osaelectronics.com/product/dacberry-one-for-raspberry-pi-1ab-2b-3b/) ?

Thans a lot for your advice

Best regards, Olivier



Hi Olivier,

I believe you also emailed me about this.

The analogue output should give you good audio quality, but please keep in mind it’s actually a CVBS output, so you need a proper cable or things will sound strange.

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If it helps, I have Vero4k audio analog out connected to Bose Solo 5 soundbar.
It’s a huge improvement on the sound from my Samsung Hd TV (hdmi). Also much better than previous Rasp Pi setup.



Thank you @anbodearg


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Sam, please specify exactly what plug is required to fit this socket. I muck around with half plugging in a 3.5mm stereo TRS plug with my Vero2 and find it a clumsy and temperamental solution.




A CVBS cable which splits out to three RCA jacks will do the trick.




According to this site, it’s a little more complicated, since it seems there are (at least) three different configurations. Which one does the Vero 4K use?



Pin-out should be:

  1. Left audio
  2. Video
  3. Right audio
  4. Ground

CVBS framebuffer will work automatically, but not for Kodi. There’s never been a request for this so we haven’t looked at adding support.

I believe the reason some people find pulling the cable out a bit is because they’re using the wrong one, and this may avoid ground and right audio mixing.


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Hello, I also find the output level is very low on the 3,5 CVBS output.
I’ve bought a CVBS cable like this : ring 1 = audio right (RCA Red), ring 2 = audio left (RCA white), ring 3 = Video (RCA yellow) ring 4 = ground (for RCA red, white, Yellow).
I can hear the two audio channels on RCA Red and White. I can’t say if left and right are swapped or right, but it works. But the level is always very low! and it is in catradiction whith what you say for Pin-out 1 L, 2 V,3 L, 4 G.
I’ve also bought an external converter Optical/RCA and now I use this optical output and it works fine.



I believe most cables you can get have the second ring (3 above in Sam’s post) as ground. Certainly, most suppliers do not bother to tell you what the pinout is. I bought one of these when I couldn’t reliably source the right cable. Converts my RPi cable to vero.



Hi there grahamh,

I have the same issue with the audio jack.
Nothing would work. I am considering buying an adaptor like the one you pointed to. However, would that really work?
Sam is talking about 1-left, 2-video, 3-right, 4-ground.
What the adaptor does is converting OMTP to CTIA, i.e. 1-left, 2-right, 3-video, 4-ground to 1-left, 2-right, 3-ground, 4-video. It is just swapping the video and ground positions but the right is still in 2nd position, and not 3rd.
Thanks in advance



The only thing that really matters is where the ground is connected. Apart from that, if you are going from the the vero to RCA plugs, you can just swap the plugs around. @sam_nazarko may have had an older vero model in mind, but my vero4k is definately left-right-video-ground. It means you can plug a 3-pole plug in there and still get stereo (the video is just shorted out).



Thanks for that fast reply.
I will definitely try the adaptor



Hi there, I got the adapter you mentioned. I can hear audio now but the volume is really low even when the level is 100% Did you have the same issues?
Thank you once again



Yes. There is no amplifier in the vero. The output is way below normal ‘line’ levels.



I tried it with my Philips duo wireless headphones and it is tip top…
So I need to look for a solution in this direction. It is a good news.
Thanks again for the tip. The adapter works well when hooked to Philips - SHC5112 duo



It would be nice with a buffer stage. Low level in the presence of strong emi fields can be a problem.