OSMC Youtube

I have been searching for a solution.
When I install Youtube from the OSMC Repository and sign in it says sign in twice.
I sign in, get a code, enter it into google.com/device on my PC et al.
I sign in again and the same occurs. Repeatedly.
I saw one post that sais enable Mpeg-dash.
Any advice?

Respectfully, as the YouTube add-on has nothing to do with OSMC I think it would probably be best to make your inquiries on the Kodi forum.

I looked. Personal APIs etc. It seems somewaht involved.
Thanks anyway.

I did it. It is involved. AFAIK there is no other solution currently. If a better solution becomes available i’m sure that thread I linked to will be one of the first places the new information is posted.

Exactly following this guide made it work for everyone.