OSMC's April update is here with Kodi 16.1

@popcornmix identified a scenario where a user may be presented with a black screen, instead of video on Raspberry Pi and sent a patch. We compiled a build with this fix and pushed it just moments after pushing the update, so if you perform an update you shouldn’t have any issues.

My raspberry pi 2 doesn’t boot like when, some time ago, there was the issue with some sd card (like mine).

I tried to update from both ssh and user interface

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The Raspbian Mirror Director appears to be behaving now, so I’ve removed the warning and updates for PI 1 / Zero should go through.

Great work Sam & co.

Just a query. When the Kodi team does officially release 16.1 final, will this be incorporated into OSMC and rebuilt? I ask because I seem to recall some addons could be picky about running on RCs or betas. I can’t remember specifically which ones, but I remember this being a problem for some users on RaspBMC.


You won’t have any problem with add-ons with this release.

We will bump the version if there is any benefit from this (for our supported platforms)


I updated this morning my PI3 and no issues so far.
Built-in bt works greate!
good job guys, keep this going :slight_smile:

Awesome update! Thanks so much!

When will the Raspberry Pi (1 / Zero and 2 / 3) disk images be available? Download - OSMC

Thanks for all the hard work and bug fixing!! I’m looking forward to downloading the image and trying it out!

Edit: Clarification.

After the update on mu Vero I also got a black screen, all fine after unplugging the powercord but should not be like this.
I also noticed that in MyOSMC I now have all Raspberry Pi options, including overclocking. But I have a Vero. Is this by design or a mistake?

That is a mistake. It sounds like the update wasn’t complete when the power was removed. We normally package the Pi modules on all systems and remove them postinst

They are online now, please check!

Everything is working fine.

So the mirror issue is resolved?
What can i do to repair the broken update on the pi?
i already did:
apt-get update and apt-get dist-upgrade (nothing to do)
Then started kodi manually to start the update again but no luck:
“There is no update available”

How can i get kodi to start automatically after boot? Thanks

That means you are up to date.

If you don’t believe you are then start a separate forum post with some logs.

Up to date yes but kodi does not start after the update. The pi works fine.

Probably an incompatible skin or addon. Have a search on the forum for a good way to diagnose if this is the cause.

I noticed that after April’s update my PI 3 get hotter then before. Almost 10C more then before, all do the same load like before.
“Reduced Raspberry Pi operating temperatures during IO intensive operations” - can this be the cause of this?
I’m the only one with this issue? :slight_smile:

Yeah just noticed the little yellow square on top right of screen indicating high temp.

Was only browsing library unless cpu was doing something online that caused it.

Didnt have this issue before. Although i have heatsink my case hasnt the best ventilation.

Thanks Again Sam

It means the upgrade process did not complete successfully and you have some partially installed system packages. I would recommend running via SSH:

sudo dpkg --configure -a
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install mediacenter-addon-osmc --reinstall
sudo apt-get -f dist-upgrade

This will reinstall MyOSMC and also reinstall any other partially installed or still out of date packages to bring your system current.