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Hello Sam,

I was trying to update Vero V via OSMC Updater but from first day there is always some bug and I need to do it by ssh. This is not a problem but today I do it by ssh. Everything went good but in OSMC info I see 20.2 version not 20.5. When I try do search update via OSMC updater it claims there are no updates avaiable.

Mayby You can write what to do?

Best regards

Trying to update manually (via MyOSMC addon) results in “No update available”.
OSMC February 2024 2024.02.01

via ssh no other result.

What do you advice please?

No update visible here, either.


Stay tuned. We had to upgrade some servers over the weekend and it looks like some mirrors aren’t syncing from the new server yet.

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No update is available yet here in New Zealand. I am off to bed now and will try again in 12 hours.

The update has now propagated to all mirrors and is now available.


It is working now

Dolby Vision now decodes as normal HDR

CEC stopped working on my LG B2 but maybe I need to disconnect both devices from power. I need to check this.

EDIT: After I disconnected TV, ampli and Vero from power…waited 5 minutes CEC started to work.

Best regards

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Always appreciate the hard work that goes into these updates.

I was hoping for a mention about 64-bit userspace, so I hope it’s ok if I ask here. Just wondering how close that’s getting, or if it’s next-up in your priority list.

I was gifted a Vero V for Christmas but I’ve been holding off on setting it up until 64-bit userspace lands, just so I don’t have to install OSMC twice. At the time I assumed the switch was imminent but I was obviously wrong.

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It will be a while (and definitely after Kodi v21) before the change is made. It will come with the next Debian release.

Obviously it won’t be an in place upgrade.


Just tried few videos in DV Profile 5 and they play perfectly.
Thanks to whole dev team!!!


Thank you for your kind words and support

This took a lot of work, but we have a number of further improvements and features that we are excited to offer Vero V customers in the near future

Stay tuned – as always, this is just the beginning :slight_smile:


Anything you can disclose the community?

always had faith you would come through @sam_nazarko - stunning effort and I’ll be ordering a Vero V as soon as I figure out if my girlfriend didn’t already order one for my birthday next week (it was on my wishlist) :champagne:

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Tempted to get a V now I finally have a 4k TV and this update. Having had a couple of 4k+ for years just hoping the deinterlacing etc is as good :thinking:

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You shouldn’t have issues with the deinterlacing at all.

Thanks @sam_nazarko , I watch a lot of dvd rips so quite important for me :slightly_smiling_face:

How can I see if my DV content is played correctly as DV and not to the fallback HDR10 standard for UHD?
Display shows HDR10, so I dont know if it plays DV as HDR10 or if it falls back to standard HDR10, if you understand what I mean :innocent:

Profile 5 has no fallback so it will always convert it, so you could check the mediainfo and find out :slight_smile:

Indeed and if Profile 5 content is not decoded correctly it will show with green and magenta like effects (basically unwatchable).