OSMC's April update is here


This is a tad vague. I’m not sure what the ‘same here’ refers to.

To provid some reassurance: our update system has several stages of integrity checking. Packages can’t hit release without going through staging first, so it’s not possible for them to be corrupt.

If packages get corrupted in transit (i.e. when they’re downloaded on your device), they will not install on your system as the checksum will not validate.

Just under sixty thousand users have updated now, and the forums remain quiet, so I think things have gone smoothly. If you have issues, please start a forum post mentioning your issues and we will look in to them.



Fair enough. Actually my concern when I first saw it was that somehow the distro samba and the app store package I installed would conflict in some way and lose my configuration. But it didn’t.

I updated via an SSH session. DHCP is handled by my router (a Technicolor TC8715D DOCSIS 3 router running something built around a 2.6.30 kernel.)

I’ve gone and set up a reserved IP now, although the Vero 4K managed to keep it’s IP address since I first plugged it in until the recent change.

I’m using the stock Estuary skin. Skin Shortcuts is not installed.

The only addons I’ve installed on the Vero 4K are the popcornmix shadertoy screen saver and audio visualisations, and the universal movie scraper.

Nice update set. Rpi3 (noobs lite, dual boot recalbox) and V4K updated via Gui, no issues.

If you use OSMC’s Samba package, you won’t have problems. @DBMandrake has made sure of it.

If you set a reservation (in your router) or a static IP in My OSMC, Vero 4K will keep the same IP.

Okay – if it happens again, let me know.


I suspect that the IP problem was actually related to my fiddling around with IPv6 on the router, which may well have flushed the DHCP dynamic lease cache.

Next time I will try to remember to actually turn on debug logging before updating, in case it happens again.


Hi, i intalled yesterday the april version on Raspberry Pi 1 but the version did not change.
it is still says march-2017. the installation went ok. does it suppose to be cange to april-2017?

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Hi Ledderi,

I away from my pi, at the minute. But that doesn’t look right to me. Trying re-running the update and if its still not showing the correct, please raise a new topic in help and support.

Thanks Tom.

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Work of art! Thank you very much

Awesome stuff! Is anyone else having CEC issues? The play, pause, stop, and fwd/rwd buttons on my Vizio remote no longer work on OSMC. It’s as if my CEC controls got partially broken. Directional arrows, ok, and exit all still work.

“Fix an issue with CEC which could cause a TV to be powered on spuriously” - looks like this still happens to me after the update…



both, please raise a new post with logs.

Thanks Tom.

Very impressed by HEVC (H.265) performance on Pi3 in latest release. Played an hour of 1080p, 24fps content without a noticeable hickup. Same thing burped and stuttered on previous releases.

Nice, Thanks.

  • Fix an issue with CEC which could cause a TV to be powered on spuriously

I have my pi2 connected to Marantz AVR and it is always runing. Until this update, on turning on the AVR, the Panasonic TV was automatically turned on too, and my TV remote was working.
now, I have to turn the TV on manually and need to reboot kodi to make the TV remote working :frowning:
any idea how to fix this? Thanks


sorry to hear your having issues, please raise a new post with logs

regards tom

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I’m suck on the upgrade process on a pi3.
Got the following error:

What should I do @sam_nazarko?

Looks like you may have a failing SDcard. Did you power cycle and re-try the upgrade again yet?


It seems like your SD card may be problematic.

Some SD cards are not genuine or have a lower capacity than advertised. Some simply fail over time.

Symptoms of SD cards not working correctly are:

  • Read-only behaviour, or changes made not persisting
  • A filesystem corruption error

Symptoms of counterfeit SD cards are:

  • Writing works until a certain filesystem size is reached, thereafter, writes seem to cause issues where existing data is lost or newly written data is not preserved.
  • SD card fails after a short amount of time.

Counterfeit cards are usually found on Amazon and eBay.

SD cards have a limited lifespan. I recommend you change SD card and suspect that issues will no longer persist with a good card. If you would like to be a good quality SD card purpose manufactured for OSMC, then you can find one in the Store.