OSMC's Easter update is here with Kodi v18 (Leia) - OSMC

It's been a while since we last posted an update. Kodi v18 was released at the end of January and since then we've been working on readying a stable release for OSMC supported devices. The Kodi Leia (v18) update is not available for Vero 1 (late 2015) users and we now consider the device to be end of life.

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If anyone runs in to any problems, please start a new forum post outlining the issues, as this thread will otherwise become quite crowded.



Thanks for your hard work. Happy Easter to you and the osmc team.


Can’t agree more. thanks.

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Cool, updating my Vero 4k+, a bit late today, but tomorrow I’ll start testing retrogaming :slight_smile:

Good job, keep up the great work.

After updating my kodi dosent se the rar files anymore.

Excellent, all is fine atm – just had to set two labels for the Menu

Please start a forum post with some logs so we can look in to this for you.

Will there by any disc images of this new version?

In a while. You can install 2018-12 and update.

Thanks, Sam, gmc, and the whole team! After months of nagging, you deserve some well earned rest (as soon as the bulk of update related issues is solved :wink: ).

€dit: Update went smoothly and even faster than between regular versions of OSMC. All addons are still working, ambilight/Hyperion as well. GUI resolution was set to 720 × 480 but a quick change in the interface menu took care of that. Waiting time was worth it. :slight_smile:

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See Easter Update - RC? - #9 by sam_nazarko


A zillion thanks to the OSMC team!
Upgraded RPi3/HiFiBerry (headless build) from OSMC 17 stable to 18 stable via command line. Seamless. Only caveat: custom kodi addons were gone and had to be reinstalled; music DB conversion can take a while.
Looking solid and stable so far. Awesome to have all the kodi 18 music db features and fixes accumulated over the last few couple of years :slight_smile:

You may have just found that you needed to re-enable your add-ons.
This is to reduce the possibility of an incompatible add-on preventing Kodi from starting.


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Love it Sam and Co!

Side note, some historically troublesome DVD menus are much more fluid (tested on pi builds thus far).

Another flawless update from the OSMC team. It was worth the wait - and now I have been able to update my NAS and Lubuntu laptop to Kodi 18, plus upgrade my shared MySQL database.

I purchased two Vero 4Ks quite a while ago. x265 support means less disk usage, and the remote control not requiring line of sight is brilliant. Had I still been using Raspberry Pis - I don’t know how many times I would have had to re-image the MicroSDHC cards. The Vero 4Ks haven’t needed any such treatment - they just work and update fine.

My only hiccup was that Kodi 18’s JSON API requires JSON POSTs instead of GET requests. Some Javascript & PHP mods and the mobile phone remote control page I wrote is working like it did. With a lot less PHP too :slight_smile:

Thanks Sam - keep up the good work. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you for all your hard work little screen adjustment and Shazam working like a charm. On a Vero4k+ :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hi Sam, im going to reinstall Kodi 18 from scratch on my Vero 4k+ as ive installed a load of crap recently to test stuff out which isn’t really necessary, but noticed there is no new disk image available for 4k+ at Download - OSMC
I presume it’ll be there at some point?

Shall I just use the latest one available and upgrade to Kodi 18 when its installed?

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Yes and yes.