OSMC's January update is here - OSMC

We hope that you had a good Christmas and New Year. Our first update of the decade has arrived with a number of system improvements.

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Great. Thanks Sam and team.

Thanks Sam.

In which parts of the user experience will the 25% increased GPU speed be noticeable?

“Added initial support for OSMC RF Remote controller rev 2.5”
Does this remote have more buttons or is just a new batch of existing remote?

Browsing through the GUI should be noticeably smoother; particularly if using a demanding skin.

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The remote has the same appearance and button configuration. We’ve changed the keymap so that long press will work (this will be backported to previous generations of OSMC remote shortly) and we’ve added a low battery warning.

The battery warning is triggered when the CR-2032 cell voltage is below 2.2V.

More details:

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Does the January update actually include the 4.9 kernel, or do you just mean that it is compatible with either kernel version?

strange, the update broke wifi on Vero 4K+, no wireless networks show up in the network settings at all. The wired Veros is ok.

Not able to upload logs at the moment, due to missing network.

No – we don’t ship 4.9 yet. This introduces some changes so 3.14 and 4.9 can somewhat co-exist.

I have pushed a fix for this. It could take a little while to reach the mirrors. You’ll need a wired network connection to update unfortunately.



Hello @sam_nazarko i ordered a New remote for my vero 4k+ bought in november the older was not working anymore (no blue light even with New battery)
i didnt have any mail confirmation of a dispatch. Si.i Guess it isnt prepared yet. Will the New order have this “New remote” and maybe it explains why it wasnt dispatched in a week

What is the order number?

Dont spend Time on this :wink: it IS 28561 (remote order of last week)

The vero 4k + order from november i Can give but dont worry i dont want to use warranty as i opened the old remote to check what was happening

This shipped on 29th January and you should have received an email confirming this at your yahoo.fr email.

We shipped you the new model of the remote (OSMCRF25). It should be with you early next week.

I have re-sent the order completion email to you. Can you please check if it is received now?


Thank you for your reactivity. Didnt see the mail will check the spams but usually the mails from your shop don’t go in spam.

Thank you to have checked

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After this update my OSMC Vero 4k+ lost information from USB tuners.
I have 2 DVB-T tuners connected via powered USB Hub. After any Vero reset, all tuners are forgotten (only Realtek). I have to poweroff and poweron both Vero and Hub to work it again.

We haven’t released a new kernel or TVH version with this update - so the new update can’t cause this. Currently a cold boot is needed for some DVB dongles when rebooting. This will be solved in the next update.


I’m using a somewhat poster art heavy skin.

It’s now much more responsive and smoother.

So thumbs up here from me, thanks!

Glad to hear this!

Work fine for me.