OSMC's January update is here - OSMC

Hi @sam_nazarko,

How could we enable 4.9 kernel on Vero 4k+ ?

Thanks and good work.

Glad to hear this. I have to unplug vero and HUB after every reboot to dvb dongle work.

This will be fixed shortly.

There will be a public test build quite soon.


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Works great on 2 different pi versions & the 4k. Thanks for the great work Sam & co!

Thanks for the update! So the new video stack is not in this update. When will it arrive and what changes can we expect?

It will arrive when it’s ready - it needs public testing first. The changes will be outlined in the test thread.

“Deprecated Raspberry Pi Overclocking settings in My OSMC” Does this mean overclocking on a Pi is no longer accessible or relocated somewhere hard to find the way ‘My OSMC’ went?

The overclocking profiles we had no longer make sense for the new models of Pi, particularly with the launch of the Pi 4. You can still manually overclock via config.txt, but we don’t recommend adjusting any settings anymore.

My OSMC is still accessible directly from the main screen on the OSMC and Estuary skins


Hi I also ordered 2 OSMC remote controls. Order #28158 (December 27, 2019) Does I also have the new remotes? Thanks, Michael

Hi – this would be the older model without the battery warning.


thanks for an awesome update.

Ah, maybe my use of Confluence (FAR superior) is the cause.

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Can confirm UI navigation is far smoother after this update. Live TV tuning is back to proper snappiness as well (I believe the framerate detection bug was causing this to be painfully slow previously); nice release!

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Works great on RPi3! Is there any indication when OSMC will be ready for use with Debian 10 (Buster)? I tried looking for info on the forums but couldn’t find an answer. I would be willing to test a somewhat stable beta if needed!

We will probably start the move later this year.


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So will this fix be in the Jan update, if I upgrade in a week? Or is this fix only available when already on the Jan update?

This has since been fixed.
Just check for updates again and it will be fine.


Thanks for the quick reply.

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