OSMC's July update is here


OSMC's July update is now here and we continue to improve the OSMC experience for all of our users over the Summer. We have also been working on adding support for 3D Frame Packed (MVC) output for Vero 4K / 4K + and will make test builds available during the week on the forums. We are still preparing Raspberry Pi 4 images and will make these available soon.

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Could we get a little more detail on how that works?

EDIT: Okay, figured it out. And, yay! Very useful feature indeed!


Happy to see TVDB issue resolved. Leaving the bed to go update right away!

Edit: apparently not available yet.


It can take up to an hour for the update to reach your region



So I’m sitting here fully commando on the sofa without reason? :joy:

I’ll give it a go tomorrow. Thanks Sam for the continued support.


Always happy to get updates that makes the best version of Kodi for the Raspberry Pi even better. Can’t wait to try the version for the Pi4 and thanks for all the hard work.


So does this build play 3D mvc or do we need to wait for another build?


This seems to be pretty clear. Test builds will be made available


I wasn’t sure as it said 3D mvc had been added to the kernel and this would be start of the testing with further test builds to come later. I have to say ActionA that your input on this forum is very helpful but your tone often comes across as rather patronising which is perhaps not the image OSMC wants to promote to its users.


Please forgive me for being succinct and to the point when providing info.


@mattmarsden There will be a thread this week with details about 3D MVC support.
It will all be covered there




Could you possibly provide more details about this? My experience with OSMC using the Raspberry PI 3 internal wifi has been appaling. I surrended and I have using a USB Wifi dongle for years. Would be great if I could drop it :-).


Details, please. I have been following kodi and tvdb forums about this and I wonder what OSMC has done.



Yay! Thanks OSMC team! Keep it up!


Thanks all. Does this have the a/v sync fix included?


What commit of the Kodi Leia branch does this update use?


89472b7. Anything later you were hoping for?


Yes. This was mentioned in the release notes



Which of this is the solution to the lipsync issue which @pinn73 is referring to :wink: as I’m curious as well to get this updated.


“Audio when resuming playback”
The bulk of the lip sync issues were fixed in the June release