OSMC's June update is here with Kodi v18.3 - OSMC


Team Kodi recently announced the 18.3 point release of Kodi Leia. We have now prepared this for all supported OSMC devices and added some improvements and fixes. Here's what's new:

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Mine says no updates available at the moment.


Please try again shortly, it can take a few minutes for the update to reach your regional mirror.


Update went smoothly as always. Thanks :slight_smile:



Ups, something is not right. I am experiencing massive buffering issues with 4K movies from Synology NAS. I have Vero 4k + 1Gb ethernet to usb adapter + nfs via fstab.
The NAS to Vero performance before the update was excellent, now it is constantly buffering …


Please start a forum post with the necessary debug logs so we can look in to this.


Ok, will do.


Just FYI, this update fixes the problem I was having with NextPVR LiveTV stuttering. It looks like whatever you did to fix the issue in TVHeadend also fixed it for NextPVR.


Unfortunately the play-pause-play-pause-play stutter when playing tvheadend live tv (both DVB-S and IPTV) is still a problem for a Raspberry PI B+, though I think there has been a slight improvement. Otherwise no issues during the upgrade. :+1:


I don’t have a buffering problem but chapter skipping in 4k files is frequently giving me a sad-face playback crash (Kodi stays running). This is in the June release and the May one. Not sure when this regression was introduced, chapter skipping used to be rock solid.


Do have Vero 4k with 1Gb ethernet to USB adapter?


The TVHeadend fixes were for locally attached adapters.

There were some generic LiveTV fixes, but I wasn’t sure if anyone would pick up on them as they were quite niche.

Nothing has been changed for Raspberry Pi. I couldn’t find any logs or posts on your side reporting an issue, so it’s unfortunately a bit tricky to speculate.


I am still looking in to this – should have a resolution for the middle of this week coming.




I’m still on May’s Update. When I try to manually update via OSMC’s updater, it errors. I’m going to try and supply a log shortly.


We’d need a log to see what the issue is




Very excited about the 3D … :crossed_fingers:


I did raise the problem when the first 18 early release was posted. There wasn’t anything in the logs either on OSMC or tvheadend. I’ll have another look when I get time and try to post additional detail and any log info that might be of value.


You didn’t post any logs, so there’s nothing for the devs to start with :wink:


Correct. As there was no errors or info in the log that hinted at a problem. I’ll get to it in the next few days.


Great !! No to put any pressure on you, but has the lipsync issue already been implented? :slight_smile: