OSMC's June update is here with Kodi v18.7 - OSMC

Firstly, and most importantly, we hope that everyone and their loved ones are staying safe. We continue to work on and develop OSMC during this time and offer support and our store also remains open with orders being fulfilled promptly and without delay.

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Amazing work, thank you!

Quick question - one of the notes in the kodi blog (https://kodi.tv/article/kodi-leia-187-release) has
“* Fix crash if an incompatible VFS addon is present” - has that been pulled through into the OSMC package for vfs too?

This release is based on Kodi v18.7.1, so all changes outlined in that blog post will be present if applicable to Linux/GLES platforms.

Where I can find SACD addon please?

add-ons>my add-ons>virtual filesystems>SACD ISO Support

With this update it is installed but disabled. You can click on it to bring up the information screen and click enable.

Thanks for the update Sam and team ! I Hope that you and your loved ones are safe in this difficult times


Is Wireguard in the June release?

Thanks for the speedy update, seems to working nicely, perhaps it’s just an illusion but it seems like my vero4k+ got a bit snappier/more responsive which is always nice.

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The 4.9 build has the Wireguard kernel module backported



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RAR VFS is also updated?

Is the new kernel part of this update?

I assume you refer to the 4.9 Kernel for Vero? Then the answer is No, that is still on the testing thread.
For Pi it is mentioned in the blog.

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I’m on 4.9 - Is this update available?

Yes, Kernel 4.9 repository is independent from the main repository.

I’m using older versions of the OSMC remote control and had mapped the FF and FR buttons to control VolumeUP and VolumeDown via a custom XML configuration file. This update seems to have spoiled that. How can I re-map the function of those buttons?

This update won’t have caused any changes, but the March update made some changes to how the remote is handled. We’ve covered the changes in detail here: [HowTo] OSMC Remote - Long-Press Keymap Guide


You can either use the Keymap Editor add-on or else at the end of the guide that Sam linked to their is a keymap examples that shows the code to manually make that particular change.