OSMC's June update is here

Our June update arrives right on time this month with a ton of improvements as well as some welcome fixes for some long standing bugs. We would like to thank the community for working with us to resolve these issues and for their help in making OSMC even better. Here's

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I’m watching a movie right now

SO NICE, to watch a movie again, with NO stutter :smiley:
Thank you.

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Guess I was a little too quick, writing, everything plays fine.

It still stutters with 1080p/24 movies, not as often as before, but still.

Didn’t noticed it that much yesterday, because of the movie had a weird camera holding (shaking).

I hoped this update would fix a problem with KODI itself. When watching music videos under files with “Play next video automatically” enabled in Video Settings/Playback … next file works on pressing remote button or page up button but to go to previous file you have to press twice quickly on remote or page down twice to go to previous file

You should start a separate thread if you have issues, otherwise this post will become quite long and difficult to deal with.

I thought we resolved your playback issue in May? I haven’t seen any reports suggesting a regression, but make sure you are testing using the same clips as before which worked well before the update and provide details in your new post.

I’m not sure if this is an OSMC or Kodi issue. That would be worth determining first.

Did you report this somewhere previously? If so, and we missed it, I do apologise.

A word of warning to everyone longing for a bluetooth update. Atleast on my rpi3 it freezes with the loading icon when I activate Start/Stop Discovery. Is this know to the development team?

I haven’t heard of this issue. Please start a forum post with logs.

I had not reported the issue. Indeed it is a KODI issue because the problem is also on other platforms ie windows and linux

good work, i can now connect to my raspberry with samba protocol from my mac. :slight_smile:

The april update broke this function…

Hello, nice work with the fix of the crash when huge folders of images. it is ok
But my hifiberry digi+ stop working :frowning:

Did you search? This has been covered already :slight_smile:. A fix to resolve this has been made available and will appear as an update on your device.

There have been improvements to Samba, but I don’t believe OS X connectivity was broken in the last update, there were just stricter security requirements

These changes were made by the Samba maintainers in Debian. They have now relaxed things a little which is more permissive of less secure environments

thanks, i found something about the dac yes.
is digi+ fix embeded in the same update ?


i try to update but it fails.
i got a popup telling me that update has failed after installing and reboot :frowning:(
are manual steps explained for dac relevant for digi+ ?

Exactly same thing here… Digi+ not working and update failed :frowning:

Is there a new update?
Yesterday I updated OSMC to 2016.06-1.
Today OSMC claims there’s a new update available.
Is it true or just a a bug somewhere?

OSMC failed to update asked me to post log
Running on Vero 2 had no issues with playback etc.

think I have resolved the issue it was a problem with the tvheadend update but just did a uninstall/reinstall of the server via my OSMC and all good now

There is a further update now available that fixes some bugs that were reported.