OSMC's October update is here - OSMC

No. It will be superseded

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I did the update and for me at least everything I threw at works in terms of playback so good work, I’m looking forward when kodi 18 gets implemented in the future.

Thanks for this update! Great work!

I’m still waiting for improvements of HDR to SDR conversion. Colors are off when i play UHD-BD rips (e.g. Star Wars Ep. 8 - The Last Jedi) on my 1080p TV.

Everything else is working perfectly!

We didn’t get around to that this month. It’s next on the list.


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So happy with this update. At last great HDR and bit depth switching on the Epson beamer I am using (TW9300). UHD HDR BT.2200 with 12 bit 4:2:2.

Yes best update effer :smile:

Now awaiting 3D MKV or ISO MVC support :blush:

Can’t wait for it. I am one of those few with just a 1080p TV in 2018 and I do have a lot of 4k content I can test with

Hi Sam,

Did the fix for 8bit H265 files exhibiting colourspace issues make it into the October release?

Many thanks for all your hard work on this, once again.

Yes it did


Not before the release of Kodi 18. But that had its last beta yesterday so who knows, might not be too far off.

We should see Kodi v18 released on or around Christmas.


Is that a good time though? I mean yes of course it is but if anything goes wrong you’ll have a lot of upset people not being able to watch movies with their family

The upgrade is not forced on you. Manage your perceived risk as you see fit.


It will be tested and released when it’s stable.



Great work, thanks Sam

I can’t find the “HDR Autoswitch” option post this update (In my VERO 4K and 4K+) and want to know if this removed and how to control HDR autoswitch now…

From the blog (OSMC's October update is here - OSMC):

Added support for automatic colour space switching without manual configuration on Vero 4K / Vero 4K +. As a result, the HDR autoswitching option has been removed from OSMC.

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Does this update require manual removal of the rc.local language that was doing the forced HDR previously, or does the update automatically take care of it?