OSMC's October update is here - OSMC

Is that a good time though? I mean yes of course it is but if anything goes wrong you’ll have a lot of upset people not being able to watch movies with their family

The upgrade is not forced on you. Manage your perceived risk as you see fit.


It will be tested and released when it’s stable.



Great work, thanks Sam

I can’t find the “HDR Autoswitch” option post this update (In my VERO 4K and 4K+) and want to know if this removed and how to control HDR autoswitch now…

From the blog (OSMC's October update is here - OSMC):

Added support for automatic colour space switching without manual configuration on Vero 4K / Vero 4K +. As a result, the HDR autoswitching option has been removed from OSMC.

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Does this update require manual removal of the rc.local language that was doing the forced HDR previously, or does the update automatically take care of it?


You should remove this.



I may have removed it previously, but it’s sort of run back and forth with some of the kernel changes, so I’ll double check when I get home if it’s still there. Thanks, Sam.

Hi. How would I remove this? I haven’t been keeping up to date so have forgotten the process. Pretty sure I set it a long time back

sudo nano /etc/rc.local and then either remove the line or put a # in front of it

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Thanks for the update. Should this solve the HDR issue? I have no HDR image on my LG tv playing form Vero4K+, but the same video is HDR playing from the tv player. HDMI input is set to HDR, I’ve checked that. Also, I’ve tried 3 different cables.
What should I set or check? Thanks.

There are still some issues, especially with LGs. It is under active investigation. HDR Autoswitch causing issues on my LG OLED65C8 - #121 by kaspik

Also handy to know if HDR worked for you before or not?


Right, No it didn’t work. It’s an LG 65EG9609. But I have no black screen. I have picture, but it’s oversaturated or too dark, and the tv doesn’t pop up that hdr bubble.

OK – that sounds like a different issue.
Do you have an AV receiver between things?

Can you upload a log via My OSMC so we can see what your TV is advertising re. its capabilities. We’ll only send HDR if your TV claims to support it.