Other uses for the Vero?

Because the Vero doesnt do so well as a media center using the built in WiFi equipment, I’m looking for another build that might be neat on it. I already have my OSMC running gangbusters on an RPi2 and a RetroPi running on a RPi1.

Any thoughts?

It seems you may have an overall network issue as you are experiencing the same issue on Raspberry Pi: Slow playback.

I have also tried to offer some help in other threads to no avail.


Thanks for the reply. The network issues I was having on the RPi have been resolved. I never have been able to get the Vero to work well without using an external wifi dongle, so I’m looking for some other function for it.

No, you declared the Vero was a “piece of junk”, that you were throwing it in the bin, but have not once engaged with anyone to try and resolve the issue you insist you are having.

At this point you must demonstrate that you are not a troll because you no longer deserve the benefit of the doubt.


Yeah. As far as a media center, it’s a turd. Sorry. I’m just looking for any suggestions as to what else I might do with it. As far as being called a troll, if you don’t want your threads trolled, start by not trolling this one. If you don’t have anything positive to offer, don’t post.

The purpose of this thread is to find alternative uses for the Vero, not for insulting people.

What did I just say?


Nothing constructive. If you do not have any suggestions for alternative uses for the Vero, please move on to harassing someone else.

Dont say you weren’t warned.

Why not plug in a cheap external WiFi dongle and carry on using it as a media player.

Completely agree. The Vero as media player has no one advantage over RPi, but has a lot disadvantages - broken 3D playback, general instability, bad HDMI-CEC support and so on.
My Vero also collects dust, so I join the request “what else I can do with it?”
I’m sorry for all Vero believers, but a.t.m. it is really “piece of junk” and the worst 200 euro ever spent in my life.

I wonder if it would be a better platform for retropi than my RPi1. Has anyone tried it?

Can you upload a sample of a 3D file that is problematic? 3D support was dramatically improved in the August update


I use VERO as a media player and since the August update I’m very happy with it.

I can confirm that 3D playback is now perfect. Stability, flow and subtitles are now perfect, which didn’t happen before.

The only issue I have right now are the random HMI freezes occuring when navigating on the settings’ menus, or importing media files to the VERO’s library. But @sam_nazarko stated that this issue is being investigated, and since other previous problems were also handled, I believe that it is a matter of time before this one is also dealt with.

Calling the Vero not suitable for media center because Wifi doesn’t work makes no sense. Where I live there are >50 wifi SSIDs. Even Asus ultrabook with dual band wifi has trouble with it. I have no Vero but if it’s wifi, you can never blame one device.

It’s great that a few people have had success using the Vero as a media center.

Has anyone tried to use the device for OTHER purposes?

Well, retropie will not work out of the box as all binaries are compiled with raspberry firmware and libs as well as optimisations for that soc.

I use mine as:-
SQL server
Mail server
Acestream server

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Might work with Lakka too since they have more broad support for devices.

Yes, there are some improvements, it is usable now. But 3D playback is still not working. ON RPi if I start file Movie.HSBS.3D.mkv it switches automatically to frame burst mode and TV is switches to 3D mode automatically as well.
Vero is playing this file file as usual - I see screen split in two parts. Of course I can switch 3D on TV from remote, but it still has not working as it should (as RPi does).

Please don’t accuse me of “necromancing” this old thread, but I’m in the same boat. I finally gave up on the Vero and am looking for other uses.

Question for @CaNsA: Are you using OSMC, or did you install another OS?