Passed on Update Notification - So now must update using Command Line

Just want to clarify the update process…

I passed on the initial 19.1 Vero4K+ update notification, and now when I do a manual update check in My OSMC there are no updates listed.

So command-line is my only path to update…correct?

Will sudo apt-get update & sudo apt-get dist-upgrade provide all the dependencies and update the repository? No other edits, like /etc/rc.local are required?

Reason I ask is this statement… We recommend however that users upgrade via My OSMC . Upgrading via My OSMC will still ensure that all Debian packages are upgraded.

Generally it still should be possible via manual update of MyOSMC. Check out the first question of FAQ which may be causing the issue.

If you decline the update you can just check for updates again and accept them.

Does not show any updates on both my 2020.11-1 Vero4K and 4K+ boxes, when doing a manual check in My OSMC.
Guess I will try the hotfix, then another manual update.

Hotfix and update went through OK, but my passthrough audio went nuts, some 4K HDR videos are very dark, and I lost some addons that I did not expect to lose…guess I have more searching for solutions to do.
I will hold off on the other Vero for now.

Might be worth starting another thread with some details so we can investigate



I have another thread ongoing about the HDR videos.
The audio somehow connected itself after a few videos. The NBC sports addon and the OpenVPN client addon had updated versions, and the HDHomerun client I replaced with the PVR-HDhomerun-Client. It has an issue of blanking out for a second about 10 seconds after every channel selection. Does this with version 18 also, but after that it is fine.