Pause screen timeout?

Is it possible to set OSMC to un pause after a period? This would be an emergency measure to prevent burn in on OLED tvs. Would be v useful.

This is something you could ask/search on the Kodi forum.

Are you using the OSMC skin? If you go into Settings / Interface / Skin / Configure skin… / OSD then you can set “Display time of video player OSD during pause” to 5s - that means the OSD won’t be displayed for more than 5s when you pause.

In addition, if you go to Settings / Interface / Screensaver and set “Screensaver mode” to black, “Wait time” to 1 min, and uncheck both “Use visualisation if playing audio” and “Use dim if paused during video playback” this will make the screen automatically fade to black 1 minute after pausing. You can have a perfectly black screen for as long as you like without risking screen-burn.


^ That’s exactly what I do.
And I have accidentally left my OLED on for hours not realizing it since a black screen is literally black.
You can also set it up so the Vero turns off your TV, which I have done as well.
But that’s not working anymore for me since I made a CECless HDMI cable, that’s a different story.
See more here: OLED Burn in - #24 by Kontrarian