Pgs subtitle position

i got my subtitle position fixed in kodi, and moved them up for every refresh rate
However, some movies , pgs subs are still way off screen (i have 21:9 screen)

is there a way to move those up too?

Have a look at System -> Display -> Video calibration… The last option there is the subtitle position.

yeah i did that already
for every refresh rate.
But still PGS subs arent at the place i told them to

PGS sub position is stored as an offset from the top left of the image. For a 1080p picture, you would need to move the subs up by 280 pixels to get to the same distance from the bottom they were on the original BluRay. This is because a 21:9 screen cuts off 140 from the top and bottom. The move must be 560 pixels for a 4K display.

This means the location in the Kodi GUI needs to be no more than 800 on a 1080p display, and no more than 1600 on a 4K display. If you have numbers no bigger than that, and still can’t see the subtitles, then perhaps PGS subtitles aren’t affected by that setting. I could understand if only text-based (SRT, etc.) were affected. In any case, it’s a Kodi issue, I’d bet.

Can you hook up another device running Kodi to your display? Like a Windows box? If Kodi on it has the same issues, then it’s definitely not the Vero 4K.

They (kodi) don’t move image based subs which pgs are, those settings are limited to text based subs only it seems, there was a reason why they dont but they cant remember which lol

Then indeed indeed vero cant help it, but im stuck with my problem…
My subs are out of screen…


this is probably not your worst problem but for me a pain in the ass, this means i cant use the vero in my dedicated room.

Any help or advice what to do.
I posted in kodi forum, but they say its a new feature lol

Can you link me to the Kodi post? We would likely need to wait for developments on Kodi’s side


Sam, why did you ask? Nothing moves there…

Indeed. I think this would need to be implemented via Kodi however

Wauw 0 replies on kodi forum
Like they say “ur up to your own with it”

What source are you trying to watch? I rip all my BR and OCR the PGS subtitles to ASS using this: tool

It’s old and no longer maintained but it still does the trick. And once you’ve OCR’d a few subtitles it really only asks for a couple of characters (I,L,O,0 etc…)

I rip my blurays.

So i have to rerip all?
Oh man :frowning:

Why isnt kodi able to move them and zidoo is?
I thought vero 4k would be the perfect player… For my 21:9 screen but no…
If i use vero 4k, then some subs are out of my screen
If i use zidoo x9s then then the skin masking tool for 16:9 wont work

Argh dammit! Hate it

No workarounds?

You can extract the PGS subtitle from the rip, then use BDSup2Sub to move all the subtitles up (one click does this for all). Then, re-mux the file with the raised subtitle.

Exactly. I usually use MKVCleaver (or mkvextract) to extract the subtitle track. But I prefer OCR’ing the subs. PGS/VobSub are bitmap subtitles so they scale badly. Converting to SRT/ASS allows for better scaling on large displays. And you can manipulate them much more easily.

If i follow first method, i extract file, use bdsubtosub, then remux…
That takes time. And i have to manually move every sub

If i follow other method i just extract, and ocring the subs and just put the sub back?
Less time to do and even better…? (Then i dont need to manually adjust height of subs cause kodi will do it then?)

No, you don’t. You can move every subtitle in the file to within the 21:9 area in a single click.

True, but they are constrained by the fonts available on the device. This often results in fonts that are too thin at the right height (with fonts like Arial), with the bold version too fat. If you can control the available fonts, then SSA/ASS does work well (SRT doesn’t have enough features for me).

So whats the best fastest method then.
Movies are stored on fileserver, so if i need to remux, i have to copy them over first.again more work

Not even sure how many movies have those pgs subs either.
Is there a way to filter them out? Or do i need to check them all manually by starting the movie
I have around 500 movies

Indeed. That’s why I use ASS. And I have added some extra fonts to my media/fonts directory.