Pi 2 to Pi 3 upgrade

I just tried this with my new Pi 3 that I got for Christmas. Updated my Pi 2 to December, shut it down, put the card into my new Pi 3 and brought it back up. All looks fine until I go to run an addon, or just playing a local video and it just randomly reboots. Sometimes things run fine but most of the time it reboots when I go to do anything. I also tried a fresh install on another memory card and did a restore from the last Pi 2 backup that I took and I’m having the same reboot issues there as well. Is there something wrong with the December Update or possibly my new Pi 3? Does the Pi 3 possibly require a stronger power adapter? I’m using the adapter that I used for my Pi 2 currently. Any suggestions as to what could be causing the reboots?

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Damn you’re good. That’s why I come here!! :wink: Do you have a recommendation for a new power supply? Also If I remove the addon comment can you make my post public again?

Yes, we sell an official power supply on our website which is guaranteed to work.

Paypal sent for a new power supply! In the meantime my UE Boom Power supply is filling in! LOL!

We will send it tomorrow morning.

USPS are a little slow with customs clearance at the moment, but you should get it pretty fast as most of the Christmas post is done with. Thanks for your support.