Pi 3b locks up just after starting playback after long idle?

I’m pretty new to the whole raspberry pi thing. I bought my first pi 3 model b a bit over a week ago. canakit via amazon, along with a canakit 2.5a power supply. Put it in an Enokay case also from amazon, and applied the kinda small copper heatsink.

I installed osmc on an 8gb sd card i had around, played with it a bit, and then got cocky about installing a jack for an external wifi antenna.

it’s not like i have any professional training but I’m pretty alright with a soldering iron and i just bought a cheap chinese hot air tool that seems to work pretty well.

I hadn’t realized that the resistor between the rf filter and the antenna is a 0 ohm and spent between an hour and 90 minutes trying to get the 0201 resistor soldered down before searching some more and then just using a hair-fine filament of silver plated wire.

i cleaned the board as best i could with MG Chemical flux remover, added a linear dipole antenna removed from an old router, and put it back in service and it seemed to work just fine.

until the 2nd day.

Got home from work, picked a video to watch, and after 40 seconds or so it locked up. Power cycle, back in business.

Next day, same thing. Grave doubts about my human-handling of an 0201 smt components set in, so, these things are just $35, right? ordered another from Amazon. Same canakit item. Did not eff with it. Applied a 20mm*10mm aluminum heatsink to the cpu (same kind of 3m graphite adhesive pad) and put it in the case.

Works great. Until the 2nd day. Same deal - less than a minute into playing a video it locks up.

and so on.

i searched a bit and tried disabling automatic updates but it didn’t make any difference.

What should i try next?

Where is the video located you are playing? Local or remote

Post debug logs.

nfs - server is xubuntu 16.4

I’ll turn on debug logging and see what shows up i guess

grab-logs -A
From ssh.
Post url here.


Just crashed again. But this time, it was right after starting a video only a few minutes after powering up the pi - after a couple days unplugged.


what are the chances that it’s due to the sd card? it’s just a cheap transcend class 10 8gb that i used to use in a sansa mp3 player. I know that it’s not likely to survive long-term and i have a sandisk extreme i could use instead.

I appreciate the help.

We need debug enabled logs that demonstrate the issue please.

To get a better understanding of the problem you are experiencing we need more information, including logs from you. Our wiki contains detailed steps for providing the relevant info we need to help you.

Sorry, misunderstood. here you go.


This is after installing osmc fresh on a new sandisk extreme sd card and configuring anew. And crashing again.

Can you try running an update?

Check your power supply.

usb charging meter thing says 5.11v plugged into the pi while video is playing. Also with my usb keyboard plugged in through the meter.

at the moment it isn’t crashing? shrug

I did run an update. currently telling me no updates are available.

Can you provide a link to this? I’m not sure I understand what it is and if I need one. For science you know…

There are many but this is the one i am using at the moment:

USB 2.0 Câble Chargeur Dispositif Tension Courant Testeur Moniteur Pour téléphone TE076 + | AliExpress (link goes to aliexpress)

I could also power the pi through it and it would tell me how much current it is drawing. Very handy for troubleshooting usb charging, measuring the charge rates possible with different components, etc.

He could have a bad polyfuse, so it’s always better to measure voltage on the board. With that said, if he isn’t getting a warning symbol on his board, it may not be the issue.

Perhaps not PSU: but there may be a drop between the meter and your device, either caused by the board or the cable.

I suggest:

  • Full reinstall of OSMC using your PSU and SanDisk card
  • No attached peripherals via USB.

Add a device one at a time and see what happens

Thanks, I think I do need one of those :wink:

you misunderstand - i plugged the volt meter into the usb port on the pi to get the 5.11v reading.

Right now the pi is powered through the meter, drawing between 0.25 and 0.35a playing a 1080p h.264 mkv

The keyboard is the only peripheral i ever use and generally it hasn’t been plugged in when the device crashes. I’ve been using KORE on my android phone to control it.

I am testing with a full reinstall on my sandisk card.

The last crash was right after i disabled the audio keep alive feature. hdmi is connected to the front aux port of my htpc receiver and the screen blanks for a fraction of a second whenever the audio turns on or off. I am using passthrough audio of course since i have a dts-hd capable receiver.

Crashed again. Unfortunately:

Logs available at http://paste.osmc.io/{“message”:"Documentexceedsmaximumlength.

And again.


The corruption at the end of each log file is unusual.
That hints at a hardware problem to me.
Possibilities are power supply (but your reports suggest that is okay)
Too high an overclock (but log shows default clocking)
Dodgy sdcard. Possibly fake and corrupting data.
Dodgy/damaged Pi hardware.

Can you narrow this down? Are you able to run this sdcard on a different Pi2 or Pi3?
Do you have different sdcard you could install osmc onto?
You could try underclocking. Add arm_freq=600 to config.txt and see if that helps.