Pi -> pi2 migration

Hi everybody. Sorry for my bad english =)

Waiting for my new RPi2 shipping, I have an OSMC on my current RPi, so I wish to transfer the working copy of kodi (or, may be, the whole OS?) to new device, I mean, with all settings, plugins and plugin’s settings, added network places etc.
Is this possible? I guess some ways to solve the problem.

  1. Total SD to MicroSD card copy. Guess, this doesn’t work because of new hardware?
  2. To install a new OSMC to rpi2 microsd and copy .kodi folder. Can this save all of my settings and plugins? Will it work for new hardware?
  3. Some backup tools, may be? I googled it, but didn’t find any situable

Thank you! This is I need!

Just install kodi program USB TO SD backup to usb stick. Install kodi on pi 2. Install USB TO SD again then upload from usb stick.

You are aware that we have provided a method to backup your Kodi installation that is already available in the MyOSMC addon? Both are included by default for ALL installations.