Pi Root Directory


Can someone please advise how to access the root directory of the Pi through Windows?

I have used Samba to access the OSMC folder in my Windows network (which has .kodi, .smb, Movies, Music ect) but need to go further into it.

I have tried moving the files using the File Manager in Kodi (Amber skin) but it gives me errors saying it cant even copy or move from the NAS where they are.

Hope this makes sense.


Most of the time doing something like this i’d SSH in using something like PuTTY and edit my files using the command line. If i wanted to copy files on and off the Pi then i’d copy them first to /home/osmc and then move them into the correct position from the command line.

From PC to Pi
Copy to /home/osmc using something like WinSCP
Move to correct location using SSH client like PuTTY

From Pi to PC
Copy from elsewhere on the Pi to /home/osmc using SSH client like PuTTY
Move to PC using somethinfg like WinSCP

You could alternatively enable the root account and log in to WinSCP using using that to gain full access to the filesystem or i think edit your shell preferences to do the same thing with the osmc account (Dilligaf explains how to do this here WinSCP Permission Denied - #3 by Dilligaf) but i myself wouldn’t bother and would do it manually.

These don’t help you if you wnated to do this via Samba but you probably don’t need ot do it via Samba.

With samba already configured, and in use (see OP), it’s a simple matter to add another share for the root (or /boot) - but this isn’t a good idea unless you’re confident of the local security conditions.

Well by enabling samba i managed to get the file into the home/osmc directory.

I have PuTTY set up but am un familiar with how to use.

I was hoping to make it appear in my windows Explorer.

I will have a hunt around for SSH comands to move files or have a look at that link tonight. Thanks!

Dandnsmith - am i not seeing root directory because of permissions? Security is not an issue in this set up. Is there an SHH command line to enable viewing?

If you want to “see” files and directories then install/use WinSCP

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Well I would not call them “ssh commands” but more linux bash commands.
To copy files cp origin destination to move files mv origin destination
Or you could use midnight commander (sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install mc)

More linux stuff can be found at Cheatsheets and Tutorials for users new to Linux based operating systems

But as Dilligraf said, if you want to do all this from you Windows Machine just install winscp WinSCP :: Official Site :: Download

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Thanks guys. will give WINSCP a go.