Pi Touch Display

Hmm, interesting. Wonder if it has any place in integration with OSMC

Pi touch Display

Support for the screen has been added to OSMC


As a single screen or with dual display (e.g. PI Display for navigation and HDMI (TV) for playback)?

Currently, it will just display Kodi on the screen. With that said, @popcornmix may have to make some changes to get it running


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I have tested it and while the screen displays, it seems to have a black bar on the right hand side, it doesn’t fill the screen. anyone else have a screen and experiencing the same?

tried changing resolution to see if the black bar disappears?


that solved it!, thats for the headup ActionA, and thanks (as always) to popcornmix :slight_smile:

@timjstone Is your touchscreen working? I just installed mine and touchscreen isn’t working.

i find it a bit variable. sometimes it works, sometimes not. Not really bothered, as have a small keyboard mouse combo i use anyway.

That has a work around (editing config file) but also refers to a new Kodi build that automatically adapts to device (no config file needed).

Is there any easy way to get that 2nd change?

Support for the display will be in the September update



Hi, is it out? because i just goy my display. connected everything according the Element 14 guide and the display shows black screen. it is powered but i don’t see picture on the screen.
i have the latest osmc update.

Yes, the September update has been out for a couple of weeks now.


i connected everything like the element14 guide suggests and i don’t get a picture on the screen. it is connected the the wall with 2.1A Adapter. i can hear the kodi sound from my tv if I’m connecting both the display and the HDMI cable. but no picture on my TV and/or my Pi Display. my OSMC version is 3-september-2015

problem solved. one of the ribbon cables was loose. lol

I got everything to work but I still have a weird problem that occurs with OSMC and with OpenElec. The video and audio playback when the display is connected are very poor. Choppy video and audio. Audio out of sync also. It only happens when the screen is connected. With hdmi it is working well. Is anyone else have the same problem?


i have the same problem when playing video from USB or Network the Video runs but Audio is dropping every 5sec. Thats a big problem for using as a video player.

Anyone who can help to get this problem fixed ?

try to turn on omxplayer support.
go to: system > video > acceleration
and check OMXPlayer.

got the display running OSMC with GUI and video.
Does anyone know how to play videos on HDMI port while keeping th GUI/navigation on the touch display?