Play 25 fps content at 24 fps?

Hi, I’m strongly thinking about picking up a Vero 4k, but have a question not specific to the Vero first;

Is there any way to play back 25 fps content at 24 fps, without re-encoding/muxing first (essentially reversing “pal speedup”)?

It can be done with mplayer via scaletempo, and I believe VLC supports it too, where they automatically scale the audio pitch to match the new playback speed.

So, can osmc and/or the Vero 4k do this?

Thanks, and sorry if this is posted in the wrong place or has been asked before.

Check this thread out. It’s not related to OSMC or Vero 4K in this case. It’s what the Kodi video player can do or not

Sync Playback to Display will do this