Stuttering video 2

Dear Sam,

The stuttering issue is well described in this older thread:

In February this year, I received 2x Vero 4k+, which replaced my older Vero 2.
I noticed the stuttering as well on the new devices, which was not the case with the Vero 2.
I decided to wait for the kodi 18 update, hoping this would solve the issue, which was not the case.

My setup:

  • Vero 4k+
  • 4 port USB 2.0 Powered Hub
  • portable external hard drive (2TB)
  • portable external hard drive (4TB)
  • LG OLED55B6V

Adjust Refresh Rate enabled or sync frame rate did not help.
My media is stored on portable hard drives, Buffering is not an issue I think because it may happen with media files of smaller bit rate than those where it does not happen (8600 kb/s).

I managed to capture the stuttering with my smart phone, not sure to where i should upload for you (if you want to see this).

Not sure if it only occurs with 25pfs videos but the solution provided here:

dit not help.

Hopefully we can find a solution.

Does it only happen with Videos encoded with XVID?

No, here is an other video file (not xvid):

Your logs show Adjust display refresh rate: Off. Please set this to On start/stop. Also, you have the GUI set to 2160P. It should always be set at 1080P. Once you change those settings, try again and post a new log if the problem continues.

Solved! Thank you so much, should have asked this a long time ago.

It seems that setting the GUI to 2160p prevents the ‘adjust display refresh rate’ to work. Both settings were important.

Again, thank you so much!

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No problem. You can also play with the ‘Whitelist’ settings to fine tune how resolutions are switched. But if you are happy with how it’s working now, it’s probably best to leave it alone.

FYI ‘adjust refresh rate’ without whitelist will go to a higher resolution but not a lower one. By setting the GUI to 2160p it forced the Vero to output everything at that resolution. I’m sure it was adjusting the frame rate just fine, but at 2160p.

Yes, right now I’m happy as it is :slight_smile:

I tested it again, when I only set the resolution back to 2160p (while keeping the ‘ajust display refresh rate’ set to ‘on start/stop’), stuttering is back.

You misunderstand what I was saying. Your issue was stuttering with videos that were being forced to upsample to 2160p and the Vero not being quite up to that task. I was simply trying to correct your understanding of the issue. Setting the UI to 1080p does not change how the ‘adjust refresh rate’ works, it simply lowers how much files are upscaled.