Play content from another multimedia

Hello everyone.
I am new in this world of truth. I come recommended by a Spanish forum. I am also Spanish.

I bought this vero to be able to play the content downloaded in 4K in a multimedia Popcorn A410.
I would like to know what to do to access this and if there is a way to do a direct access every time I enter the vero. I do not know how it works.

Thank you very much!

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Thank you. but for an external medium through network cable or wifi. can I create a video library? or can I only use File Mode?

Thank you

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The Kodi wiki contains virtually everything you need to know.

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I think you can use DLNA

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In the Kodi I have entered files, add funte, Red de windows.
There he detects my multimedia.
I enter the folder where I have the files and until then everything is perfect.
I give an ISO to visualize and what it does is to enter the subfolders of the ISO. It does not reproduce anything to me.
The popcorn has Samba server and I think DLNA too (I’m not sure, now I’m at work)

A greeting!

You should be able to do the same on OSMC. But by default SMB1 is disabled.
Maybe readup on this

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Hello good afternoon.

I just put the VERO 4K. I have installed everything step by step.
The correct network and the OSMC interface.
I have searched the NFS network video files and I have found them, along with their cover pages and their information, but I have encountered some problems that I already feared. Let’s see if you could help me.

  1. When entering the videos, it effectively reproduces both the ISO Full blueray and the mkv. The problem is that the ISO or 4k folders do not reproduce them. It tells me something like checking the registry for information. There is no way to reproduce it.

  1. I have played full blueray content with Dolby Atmos track. and when entering the audio information of my receiver this gave me a 7.1 sound but not dolby atmos. (I pass you capture)
    I have activated in the configuration / Sound the “PASSTHROUGH” and the output device “PCM” also in the option number of channels I have selected 7.1 I use 7.1.2 (Atmos).
    But even so I can not detect the track dolby atmos or DTS X as in another ISO that I have.

  1. Sometimes, browsing through the menu, I got a “Sad Face” as an emoticon and the device has restarted.

  1. Is there any way I can find the information on the film in my language? Spanish / Spain

Thanks in advance

Hi. Ok, I have already solved the dolby atmos and DTS X. I just had to activate in advanced mode all the boxes under the option “allow passthrough” Now if I take the track without problems.
what I have no way to solve is to be able to visualize my UHD (4K) folders pulse and this is not unchanged. could

Another problem that I can not solve is that I see the image a bit dark and with less sharpness than with my old multimedia. I enter during playback in the video settings and try to increase the brightness and contrast, but the image does not change even if I set the values ​​to 100%

you help me? Thank you!

what can I do, that I play 4K content but on my tv it is 1080p format? My TV is a Panasonic FZ800. With which it reproduces 4K without problems.

What makes you think it’s only at 1080p?

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because in the information of the tv it puts me “1080p” when I play for example to ps4 puts 3840

Then we need to see logs demonstrating the problem to be able to give useful advice. The behavior you describe is not common.

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buf. very complicated I see this. I did not think that this would be the day of your purchase. I will try to see.
A greeting!

Make sure Adjust refresh Rate is set to Always.

This setting is usually the reason why 4K content is played at 1080p

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Hello Sam_nazarko. A pleasure to chat again.

The update frequency setting where is it located? in settings / system / screen? There I only see can change the refresh rate. but I do not find the value “always”

Thank you!

OK, I’ve found it already.
If I have it in “always” mode. the synchronization of the playback with the monitor is disabled and the activation of escalations is 20% in case it helps.

A greeting.

I don’t quite understand your last post.

What kind of content are you playing and where are you playing it from?

The logging should be quite easy and let us see what’s going on


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the content is 4K Mkv. I execute it from the same vero player.
I have these files in a multimedia popcorn. I have access to it through the network with a switch.

Okay: does it switch to 4K now?


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