Playback jitter

I am being stumped on a particular series (British) that I am trying to watch. I am running default OSMC settings and every other series seems to run fine except this one. A mediainfo file can be found at:
Log file is at:
Any ideas of what to try?
Sorry, TV is LG C1 and device is Vero 4k
Thanks, Al


Have you tried changing Adjust Refresh Rate to Always?

I was sure I did but will give it a shot when I get home later today. Will keep you updated and if it still does it I will post a new log link.

I set the Refresh Rate to “Always”, rebooted the Vero 4k to be sure and playback is identical. As an fyi the video plays fine on my Windows pc or my Mac M1 laptop using VLC. This has me stumped?

You might try making a whitelist which will then allow you to, during playback, manually switch the playback to the native 25hz refresh rate of that file and see if that clears it up.

Still no joy :frowning:

Does it still do it if you switch your TV into filmmaker mode?

Had the same jittery playback. A quick workaround for me was the jump forward 10 seconds (one right press on the joystick ring thingy) then back one press and it didn’t jitter. Can’t say why but it’s a quick solution if you are just watching once and deleting.

Yes still occurs in filmmaker mode.

I will give it a shot, fingers crossed.

This description sounds rather like a problem I had back in November - I wonder if it’s the same thing?

In my case, playback was quite impressively messed up - it looked as if it as actually displaying some of the frames in the wrong order.

But, like you, I found that skipping forward, or starting playback from somewhere other than the start of the file, made it play smoothly.

@LrQ9Sxkh0JTx , it might help the guys to diagnose your problem if you could upload a short video clip that reproduces it - something about a minute long, maybe. You could use something like mkvtoolnix to produce it, and then use some filesharing service ( for example) and post the link here.

Bizzare as it is, the skip ahead then back worked. No idea why but I could at least watch the show. Thanks for the suggestion! It is just a one time thing to watch so it will be gone soon enough.