Playback of music via music library gives micro-drop outs

Device: Rasp Pi 2B
Connection: Wired
Power Supply Type: AC to 2A Micro-USB
Peripherals: Smart TV via HDMI,
5.1 surround via Hifiberry Digi+ (optical SPDIF),
stereo amplifier via Hifiberry Digi+ (coax SPDIF)
Storage Device: NAS Lacie
OSMC version: VERSION_ID=“2015.08-1”
XBMC version: Kodi (15.1). Platform: Linux ARM (Thumb) 32-bit
Release Kodi x32 build (version for Raspberry Pi)
Audio/Video Output: HDMI, SPDIF
Overclocked: No
Log: (playback via library)


Problem is occurring since upgrade to august 2015 version, so not with previous releases.
Playback of music via music library gives micro-drop outs of the sound, every 1 -2 minutes.
Playback of the same song from the same network location via files menu does not have this problem.

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Am I the only one having this problem?
Considering the number of responses it seemes so.
Then it must have something to do with my software setup. I exclude a hardware problem, as extactly the same file from the same location gives this problem when played via the library but not when played via the files menu.
I have recreated my library completely from scratch, but this did not solve it.
It could be related to Kodi-Hifiberry incompatibility, or it could be some problem with my OSMC-Kodi install.
I will try to OpenOlec, and will try to resintall my OSMC also, maybe it helps.

Does buffermode=1 from help?

I have tried that (increased the buffer size, set buffer mode to 1, and read factor to 4) to get rid of a video stuttering problem, which was present in the previous release. Because it did not solved the problem I removed the advanced settings file.
The video stuttering problem disappeared with the august release, but I got the micro-drop out problem on music playback via library back (tried mp3 only for now). I do not have a problem with video or audio in movies, so I don’t think this buffering setting (for video) will help, but I will give it a try.
The strange thing about this problem is that I do NOT have this problem for playback of music via Files-menu. Maybe I should have a look at the logging, which modules are used for playback via library compared with playback via files. Could this give you guys a clue?

Tried OpenElec 5.08 (uses Kodi 14.2), and had absolutely no problems.

Problem cause:

  1. Problem of Kodi 15
  2. Problem of OSMC

My guess is that the problem is Kodi 15.x related.

You could try OE 5.95.5 (which is Kodi 15).
Did you try buffermode=1?

Having a similar problem

Setup below:

Device: Rasp Pi B (not Pi2)
Connection: Wireless
Power Supply Type: 2A Micro USB - holding just over 5v on p1 and p2 all the time
Peripherals: LG Plasma TV via HDMI,
stereo amplifier via USB sound card/DAC (analog)
TP-Link USB WiFi dongle
Storage: Rasp Pi B + Raspian + USB HDD as NAS running samba server
OSMC version: Not too sure - details not available right now, will need to update post - Latest from OSMC installer
XBMC/Kodi version: As above
Audio output: analog via USB sound card/DAC - ALSA drivers
Video output: HDMI
Overclocked: No
SD Card: 8GB class 10
Remote: Yatse remote running on Android smartphone

The very short lag happens in mp3 playback intermittently, no real pattern to it.
I have watched the CPU usage during tests and it doesn’t appear to happen specifically when the CPU hits 100%, which is not too often. I have turned visualizations off and the screen saver only dims the screen. No other apps/ addons installed.

Initially thought that it may be the network, but the problem does not happen in video playback. Also when streaming music or video to a windows machine, no lag at all, so that sort of rules out the file server Pi.

USB WiFi and sound card running straight from the Pi not via a powered hub, but when the voltage was tested on the Pi takeoff points, it remains a touch above 5v (±5.1v) at all times.

I was considering upgrading to a Pi2 but may hold off considering it seems someone is experiencing a similar thing.

I still have to try the buffermode = 1 settting, but I don’t expact any improvement as this is not video but music only. I do not have problems with the audio within a video file.

Yep I have the Pi2 and have exacty this problem, since the august upgrade.
The workaround for this problem (in OSMC) is to playback the music via the Files-menu, not via the library.

Hi there,

I have bought a brand new Pi-2 with a 64GB sd card, on which I have a double boot : OSMC / OpenElec.
The Pi-2 is connected to my NAS (Synology) through Ethernet.

Everything run smoothly: Video, Radio but Music. When I play mp3 music from either the “File” or the “Library”, then I get micro drop-outs (no evident pattern) roughthly every 30 sec (sometimes more, sometimes less).

It is worth noting that I don’t do anything else at the same time (such as looking into folders or something). I am on the latest version 2015-09-03, but this isue as first appeared to me with the 2015-09-01.

In an attempt to check if it was software or hardware related, I have installed on the same Pi-2, same sd card, a dual boot with the latest released version of OpenElec: the result is that my mp3 musics run smoothly on OpenElec. The very same musics that keep dropping out when run from OSMC (everything else being equivalent… same NAS, same TV, same Pi, same SD card…)

Hope to get a fix for this when new version is released.


Does setting “buffermode=1” help?

Thank you popcornmix but unfortunately “buffermode=1” doesn’t help at all.

Besides I would have been surprised if it had solved the problem, as I have no issue with videos, the issue is when listening to mp3 musics.

Can you post a debug log to see if that contains any clues.

Hi Popcornmix, I’ve seen a new version of OSMC has been released today, I’ll probably update first and then send you a log.

I have the same problem with drop outs playing music flac files. It occur after ca 1,5 minutes playing

@Carlsson have you tried the buffermode suggestion?

Hello guys, I am quite baffled. After the update 2015.10-1, the problem persists but it is noticeably happening less often. All my attempt to make the drop outs happen while I was generating a log file have failed. And yet from time to time when listening music, micro drop outs still happen. Is it really useful in those circumstances to send you the log?

I have exactly the same problem. The source of audio files is a SMB share on my NAS.

No trouble in playing video from the same source, but audio randomly drops and then continues apparently for no reason.

Device: Rasp Pi 2
Connection: Wireless
Power Supply Type: 2A Micro USB
Peripherals: Sony Bravia HDMI Connecttion,
TP-Link USB WiFi dongle
Storage: NAS Qnap
OSMC version: 2015.10-1
XBMC/Kodi version: Isengaard
Audio output: analog via integrated jack output
Video output: HDMI
Overclocked: No
SD Card: 16GB class 10
Remote: Yatse remote

Do you still get the same stuttering if you choose to play the audio using dvdplayer instead of paplayer ?

You should be able to try this by using the context menu on an item to play, then choose play using dvdplayer.

Another way is to use advancedsettings.xml to specify the player:


You won’t get any visualisations with dvdplayer.

Ok… I’ll give it a try.

BTW I hate vsiualization, so no big deal! :wink: