Playback of packed 3D (3D ISO)


Sorry no ETAs / confirmation anymore.
The Kodi forums make the case of why doing so would be a bad idea :slight_smile:


Doesnt sound like great news then. Should I be looking for another box for 3D?


no its not
to you it is… but dont be so selfish.
All my 3d files are iso.


Huh? Who’s being selfish? Clearly you interpreted my response incorrectly. Sam clearly didn’t realize the majority of people backup their 3D movies in MKV format. He stated he has it working so why wouldn’t you want it made available as an option? Nowhere did I say forget about ISO format. Isn’t MKV better then nothing? At least you would have an option that works and you then you could decided to wait for ISO or remux to MKV. Your response makes no sense.


If he continues on working for. Iso then sure why not.
I found it strange most here use mkv cause iso is the most widly found no?


mkv is smaller and more convenient than iso


Why not use mkv? Save space without losing any quality. Using MakeMKV is fairly fast and it’s free.


Gaaaaawd, this is great news :yum: Then I’m close to pulling the trigger on a Vero 4K, because all my 3D stuff is Full HD MVC mkv files anyway, as I always had trouble with the 3D ISO files here on my trusty old RPi2 with OSMC …


If this works now for you with MVC MKV, does that mean it’s something that can be added to the menu option for consumers like me?

Or is it a huge amount of work to get it going on a retail box / firmware?


There would be menu options for this kind of feature, because it’s difficult to really detect FP support via EDID.


Is it something that you can enable on the next update or something that takes a lot of time to add in to the firmware?

Apologies for the basic question. I have no idea how programming something like this works!


Next update is a day or two away, so it won’t reach this update.
Just keep an eye on the forums.



I am prepared and ready with converting a lot off ISO MVC to MKV MVC. Kodi is recognizing the files as 3D. So I hope a release for the Vero 4K is nearby? :slight_smile:


Hi Sam. Any news?


Hi — I’m currently away for a while but want to get the next round of improvements in the next update.



Just want to make sure I understand. You are planning to get 3D capability in the next update?


No – we don’t have a firm commitment to when as this has caused some issues in the past. But we are incrementally adding improvements.



Shame, I thought a few months ago you had it working in MVC.


MKV only for now and has to be manually enabled for each video, which isn’t ideal.



I think everyone would be happy with that as a starting point to be honest. If it works even though a manual enable is needed stick it in! That’s what she said.