Playback of packed 3D (3D ISO)


Can I buy it as a unit ready to go or is it a build it yourself type of job?


C’mon Connect that’s way off topic and Raspberry Pi has plenty of accessible guides online.

If you want even more plug and play than Raspberry Pi then look for a hardware media player that supports frame packed 3D. I’m still running a Xtreamer SideWinder 3 next to my Vero 4k for 3D support and looking back in this thread other people mention doing the same Zidoo X8 or HiMedia Q5.

Hopefully Sam and co can get a frame packed 3D test build working on the Vero 4k hardware soon so we can all have one media player to rule them all.


I’ll still keep my Vero 4K. I just need something in between now and when 3D arrives on the Vero 4K. I love my Vero 4K, that’s going nowhere!


Hi Sam,

Any more progress with this?


Not yet unfortunately. But it is still being worked on.

MVC works but only in MKV format; which isn’t that useful.


Actually very useful to me as all of my 3D movies are backed up as MKV.


Yes I agree. All my 3D movies are in mkv mode as well. I would love to see this released!!!


Agreed I use MKV for all my movies 2D and 3D


To get an idea of things:

My 3D MVC movies are stored as:

  • MKV
  • ISO
  • Mixture (combination of the two)

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Please release this. It would be much better if people have an option at this point. Remux from ISO to MKV is very easy to do.


Using what programs?


Sam please please please release the 3D firmware even if it is just for mkv. All my 3D files are in mkv and everyone can remux iso to mkv if they so wish - at least they would have the option. Thanks!




Very useful to me too. All my movies are in MKV, I couldn’t care less about ISO support. Not even sure why anyone would want ISO format unless they were trying to use blu-ray menus or something, which is far beyond the scope of what we’re going for here anyway.


At the moment i have all my 3D content at 3D ISO for playback because the HiMedia Q5 cannot play frame packed 3D mkv - will be very pleased when packed 3D mkv is possible with the vero 4k.


Also, mkv carries the stereoscopic flag to tell the player whether it is left eye or right eye first which you don’t get when playing a bd-lite iso. Whether Kodi can use this flag or not is another matter.


Another vote here for mkv.


3D-MVC-MKV is absolutely sufficent. with this you have full resolution 3D and the option to reduce the often unnecessary huge bitrate in ISOs to an useable one, so filesize will reduce dramstically. And if we speak about 3D-MVC-MKV,then please with h265/HEVK support, not only h264…


Hi Sam,

If you decide to move forward with mkv for 3D based on the votes so far, how long do you anticipate it taking to make it into an official or even test firmware?


Thanks. Then I would convert my .iso’s to .mkv.
So, I change my vote from .iso to .mkv :slight_smile: