Please help me check/simplfy connections

Dear friends,
I just received a new TV (LG E9 similar to the more famous C9) and set it up with Vero 4K+ and my Yamaha soundbar.
The connections are as follows:
a) Optical output from TV goes into Optical input in Yamaha.
b) Vero HDMI goes into Yamaha HDMI1 input and a second cable goes from Yamaha HDMI-ARC output to a port labebed HDMI-ARC (HDMI2 of 4) on the TV.
When I want to watch a movie from Vero I need to switch to HDMI input on both TV and Yamaha.
When I watch Netflix or the TV I need to switch to HDMI1 on the Yamaha.
Right now the CEC magic does not work at all and need to use Vero’s remote to drive it.

I am aware of Audio setup and information but do not understand the best allocation of ports between Vero 4k+, the TV and the Yamaha.

Thank you very much.

If the LG and the Yamaha have eARC, then the best bet would be:

Vero > HDMI > TV
TV eARC > HDMI > Yamaha eARC

And you shouldn’t need the optical cable. You would use the TV to switch sources for Netflix, etc.

It SEEMS my LG E9 might have eARC (not 100% sure, googling conflicting evidence).
This are the specs of my Yamaha YSP-2200 YSP-2200 - Specs - Sound Bar - Audio & Visual - Products - Yamaha - Other European Countries but being an old product I doubt it will support eARC, right?
If I try your suggestion how would I know things are working or not?
Thank you very much.

If they don’t support eARC, it will still work, but you won’t be able to get Atmos or DTS-X audio. If the Yamaha doesn’t have Atmos/DTS-X then you won’t notice a difference. Just make sure you have the Vero audio options set correctly for what the Yamaha supports.

Also, connecting the Vero directly to the LG may fix your CEC problem.

Even though my abysmal ignorance prevents me to know what Atmos and DTS-X audio are :slight_smile: I do not see them listed at all in that specifications page up there so I guess I can try.
Thanks a lot.

If you don’t know that Atmos and DTS-X are, then you won’t care. Atmos and DTS-X are 7.1 surround sound object oriented protocols. The Yamaha would only be able to approximate having 7 speakers virtually for you to hear 7.1. (7.1 == 7 speakers: 3 front, 2 rear and 2 height speakers + subwoofer)

One only confusing thing. The ARC port on the Yamaha is labeled ARC (OUT) while there are 4 HDMI IN ports.
So routing the cable from the Vero to HDMI1 on the LG and attempting with the other HDMI cable from the TV’s eARC port (HDMI2) to the Yamaha’s HDMI IN1 port. Cross fingers :slight_smile:

It should be OK to use that port as the output of the TV. Or just use a non ARC port on the Yamaha if you have nothing else connected to the Yamaha.

I’m confused. If your soundbar has in and out HDMI (which it does) then the best option is to connect Vero to the soundbar and soundbar to the ARC input of the TV. Is there a reason why that cannot be done?

Hi grahamh thanks for chiming in. Well back from 45 minutes of tests and seems I’m stuck :frowning:

Older config: If I cable Vero4K+ to HDMI1 input on the Yamaha and the latter’s ARC(OUT) to the TV’s HDMI2(eARC) port the soundbar sounds great, I get the multichannel audios, the picture is ok but I seem not to have the CEC working (plus the hassle of needing the Yamaha’s remote at hand to switch from HDMI1 for the Vero to TV for Netflix/TV).

New attempt: In the NEW attempt running Vero4K+ to TV’s HDMI1 input directly and then configuring the TV’s audio output to HDMI ARC and running a cable from the TV’s eARC HDMI2 port to the Yamaha’s (attempted both the Yamaha’s HDMI1 input port and also its HDMI ARC(OUT) port) I cannot not hear any audio whatsoever.

If I connect the TOS/Link cable from the TV to the Yamaha’s input I do hear the audio but it appears to be only 2 ch stereo also when I play multichannel sources. For reasons I really cannot fathom as soon as I link the TOS/Link the TV remote CEC stops working.

Tried going through OSMC’s Audio setup again but could not find any glaring error :frowning:

As you can read from the longer reply despite the TV’s audio setup being programmed to go to eARC, the soundbar stays silent. Tried both its ARC(OUT) port and its HDMI IN1 port …

If you want to see 4K material, the vero must connected to the LG as the YSP-2200 can’t passthrough higher as 1080p. but then arc will be a factor to see what will be supported on the tv

see pag 14 and 42/43 of the manual of your ysp-2200 for arc related stuff

i’m not sure if the ysp-2200 supports auto switching when connect

Wow that I didn’t know (yet). Thanks for pointing out.
So I’m kind of stuck between a rock and a hard place it seems.
If I connect Vero4k+ to the TV I will get a 4K video flow but only 2 channels via TOS/Link
If I connect Vero 4K+ to the bar the sound will be perfect but the video limited to 1080p :frowning:
Maybe time to shop for a new soundbar? :frowning:

Not sure what you are expecting to be able to do with CEC. FWIW my setup is Vero->Yamaha AVR->Panasonic TV. My Yamaha is probably older than yours (HDMI 1.4 and ARC). CEC is enabled on the TV so when I turn that on, the AVR comes on. Most of the time I’m using just the Vero’s remote. If I want to use an app on the TV I use the TV remote, otherwise I only need the on-button of the TV remote.

Having said that, I don’t normally have anything else plugged into the Yamaha (no BD players, consoles,…) So the Yamaha remote gathers dust.

My AVR does pass through up to 4k24hz, so typical movies. But it doesn’t pass through HDR without a hack to the Vero.

And if I’m using a TV app, ARC does work - sometimes annoyingly in parallel with the TV’s own speakers.

What I had with the old Sony TV is using its remote for both the TV and also navigating through the Vero/OSMC menus. That’s what I would like.

With the new LG I currently need the LG remote + the Vero remote + the Yamaha to switch from TV to HDMI1 input … not ideal.

As I say, I don’t need the Yamaha remote to switch. It just does it.

Hey @mtv not sure I understand pages 42/43 … to switch inputs I usually stand up walk and use the INPUT button on the soundbar itself. Are the instructions on those pages meaning something different?

Meaning it autoswitches for you? Darnola. Mine never did :frowning: Wonder if it’s a setup thing of the soundbar itself.

I connect the AVR OUT to TV ARC IN (HDMI 2 in my case).

Reading a lot of problems with this LG :frowning: wonder if I’m stuck in any of these :frowning: