Please read: experiencing crashes when scanning your library


Over the last 48 hours, TheTVDB scraper has introduced a new API for accessing TV show metadata and fanart. A number of applications that utilise TVDB have not been updated to support this new API.

Unfortunately, there is also a secondary problem where Kodi can crash currently when using TheTVDB scraper. The cause for crashes has been found and a fix has been pushed to the mirrors.


For now, please use an alternative scraper such as The Movie DB to scan content in to your library. TheTVDB have performed a rollback of their API, but this will take some time to propagate.

Possible issues

You may still experience crashes if you have enabled the Library Watchdog add-on, which will periodically initiate scans on your library. This can be remedied by changing the scraper used for your sources.

If you have enabled ‘Update Library on Startup’ option, then Kodi will likely crash as soon as it starts. To remedy this, you will need to manually edit ‘guisettings.xml’ and change

<setting id="videolibrary.updateonstartup">true</setting>


<setting id="videolibrary.updateonstartup">false</setting>