Please standby

I know this issue has been encountered several times before. I left my vero 4k+ at my parents for a few weeks completely unplugged. I have to go cat sit sometimes. Anway on first startup it got into kodi then crashed. I wish I could get back in and update quickly. I’m pretty sure I was on the march update. I’ve tried multiple usbs in different ports, toothpick, nothing works and sometimes it get very hot. I’ve read most topics on it but I’m baffled. I’ve tried two different power supplies plugged straight in th wall. Can I connect it to the computer and reset, I clutching at straws and stuck at parents with no box, feel my pain.

Any clues?

So what do you see on the screen when you start without the USB?
Can you show us a listing of what you have on the USB stick?

Hey sorry for the very late reply, the usb stick showed what it should using the osmc tool. Without it plugged in I just get please standby flashing on and off. I can’t ssh in and the led is just red permanently.

That sounds like a power supply issue. Are you sure the spare power supplies you tried where correct and working? Maybe try to power it (without a power supply) using a USB A-A cable.

I was originally sent a spare power supply as had some display issues but ended up with a replacement box. So I’ve tried two osmc supplied power supplies, I’ll dig around try and find another, which port would I put the USB in or does it not matter. What about USB and power supply at the same time, will that damage the board or is it regulated somehow?

Thanks for the help

It’s regulated but you should only need one or the other to identify if it’s a PSU issue.


Ok I got a USB cable and powered it from a Samsung plug that gives 2amps at 5v and got the same thing. Tried with the normal supply at the same time and no difference.

Now I have the a a cable can I plug it into my pc and do anything or is it a gonner?

Can you show the contents of the OSMC installation USB so we can check you imaged it correctly and picked the right installation image?

Ok here we go

You can upload pictures directly here on the forum as part of your posts. Makes it easier to keep context

Ok thanks, first time I’d been on the pc in ages and didn’t occur to me to login here. The image is OK though right?

Looks ok, I can only suggest to try an SDCard or another USB Stick. Maybe @sam_nazarko has other magic suggestions.

That seems like quite an old version of OSMC you’re trying to install.
It should work however.

I just get please standby flashing on and off

This could be a very low level bootloop.

You’re in the UK – is it in warranty (what’s the order number)? If not – you could still send it back and I could have a look at it, but may not be able to resolve the issue.


It was order no 21489 but that was over four years ago, I can send it back if it will help. Better than binning it and could help others in the future.

If you send an email to with a link to this post I’ll do my best to help you out with this.

We haven’t had other reports of this issue so I’m not sure it will benefit others but I’d certainly like to help you get this solved if I can do so.



Hey Sam,

just wondering if you figured out the issue? I’m no it wizard like you but would be interested to know, if it’s not gonna be a problem with manufacturers or whatever. Anyway thanks for taking the time.


Hi Mark

It’s been received back I believe. I can look at it early next week


Hey any news about this?

Hi Mark – yes. I’ve been trying to contact you via your GMail account, but it keeps bouncing.

Oddly, it seems to be bouncing from Outlook / Hotmail and not GMail itself. We’ve tested that we can deliver emails to GMail without any issues, so I am wondering if you have some sort of forwarding in place.

If this is the case, then you will be missing out on emails from others too.

If you send me a PM with an alternative email, I’ll get in touch with you promptly



Oh weird I forward old emails from hotmail to Gmail. I’ll go and have look in outlook spam it’s probably there. Thanks and if you got any ideas how I can make hotmail pass everything through that would be a help. Rather than changing 30 years of addresses