Poll: Which Usenet binary downloader should be included in OSMC?

  • Sickbeard
  • Sickrage
  • Sonar

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I do not use any of the above so haven’t the foggiest as to what’s best. This is what would make it ideal for OSMC:

  • Frequently updated / maintained
  • Easy to use
  • Performant, even on ARM devices.


Thought this poll allowed multiple selection.

I think they all supersede each other, so they’re effectively mutually exclusive.


As far as I know sickbeard is no longer being worked on.
Have moved recently to sonar.

where is the option for none ? :smile:

It’s there - it’s called not going into the App store. :wink:

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I realise that this might just be a typo in the question, but in case it isn’t:

None of the current poll choices (Sick Beard, SickRage and Sonarr) are actually Usenet binary downloaders. They all grab NZB (or torrent) files, but they don’t perform any actual Usenet connectivity themselves—they either register the NZB/torrent with an external downloader or dump it in a place that such a downloader is configured to poll.

If you were to package any of these, you would almost definitely also need to offer a Usenet downloader such as SABnzbd (which seems to be directly supported by all three choices) or NZBGet.

The latest Sick Beard commit on GitHub is only two-ish months old; I’d consider development to be still active on that basis.

Poorly phrased at night. Perhaps ‘scraper’ is better.

sabnzbd+ is a given for the App Store.


Can NZBget be a given too? extremely lightweight choice

Just a question on this do you think the Vero and/or PI2 will be able to cope with a NZB client and scraper running while a movie is being watched or other high CPU tasks are happening?

I think Sabnzbd is great as a standalone option but I’m concerned it would be too resource heavy to work in the background.

Happy to be shot down and put in may place though :slight_smile:

I’ve successfully installed sonarr on my Pi1 and I’m perfectly happy with it. I chose it because it has a nice and modern UI, and is actively developped and supported. By the way, works out of the box with transmission, and kodi integration is great (library updates, notifications, metadata…)

Watching a movie is not taxing on the CPU, so yes.


What about navigating menus while a library scan and add to that a nzb downloading and unraring…would that put strain on the pi?

if not, bring it on :sunny: and happy days

I’d still like to see nzbget being included for the lightweight option.

And touching your toes while on the phone :wink:

I don’t know. Why not try it?

Most of the performance issues will be IO bound. Extracting archives is IO and CPU intensive. I wouldn’t do that on my desktop when trying to do something else, so the Pi may be a bit much…


Hahahaha and shake it all about :smile:

Will give it a try when all in app store and see how it goes.

I would also like to have the choice of NZBget
Used sabnzbd on my pi for ages and really liked it.
Recently when changing over to OSMC I thought I’d try NZBget and it runs a lot better. I can download at max broadband speed and it stays at that speed. With sab it would fluctuate all the time where it uses more resources. Both using the same settings/amount of connections.

Sonarr is pretty but I still prefer Sickbeard/Sickrage. For me a show stopper for Sonarr is that it insists on separating tv episodes into season folders which is a bit of a duplication when the filename already contains the season number & episode number - kodi supports both methods as does SB and SR… It’s fine if you are starting from scratch but not so good if you already have a library that’s backed up, the rsync backup & kodi library update would be a killer for me for no gain.

I am using SickBeard (on the pc) atm, but after reading this article http://www.htpcbeginner.com/sickbeard-vs-sickrage/ I would go for SickRage

Recently made the switch from sickbeard to sonarr and I’m extremely happy! seems to be less error prone and more actively developed. Also, sabnzbd+ is a must :wink: