Poor 4K HDR Quality on Epson LS10000 Passing Thru Onkyo TX-NR 1010

Hi. Posting on behalf of a user.
Using Vero 4k+, then Epson LS10000 passing thru Onkyo TX-NR 1010, 1080p videos are superb. But when playing 4k hdr the picture is too dark and worse sharpness than 1080p.

Can anyone help me find out how to remedy this?

Log is here. https://paste.osmc.tv/itibahetuw

I would guess that the AVR doesn’t passthrough HDR, it is quite an old AVR that doesn’t support HDCP 2.2

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Do you think user should try plugging straight to projector and see if it improves?

Looking at the specs of the projector, that one doesn’t support 4K or HDR.
Would probably be nothing better.

You’re not going to get anywhere with that combination of equipment.
The Onkyo doesn’t support 4k HDR at all and the Espon supports 4k on Hdmi 1 but doesn’t support HDR.
If 1080p looks superb, stick with 1080p :+1:

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But doesn’t Vero 4k+ have tone mapping for HDR to SDR?

And besides the color, I don’t know how to explain why 4k has worse resolution for the system vs just playing 1080p.

The Vero does HDR to SDR tone mapping in the latest testing kernel but it is very much a WIP.
I would guess the resolution issues could have something to do with how well the Vero is downscaling the 4k image. It could have something to do with the source material as well.
Is the 4k material you want to watch not available in 1080p?

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Vero 4K and 4K + have always had HDR->SDR conversion. Some users have reported though that it looks better with the 4.9 testing kernel. As of now, it’s just not adjustable.

We haven’t had any reports that down scaling of 4K content to 1080p leads to any issues. In fact, it looks just fine on my own device. It’s really strange that it does for your customer, @eagerbeaver.

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It is weird. I’m wondering if I should advise him to wait for the 4.9 kernel or ask him to post a comparison of 1080p vs 4k. Hopefully same scene.

It should be available. The problem is the user is keen on using 4k material now.

Did he try going direct to the projector? I only installed a couple but my clients are still happily using them. I wonder if the Onkyo is the weak link in the chain?

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Thanks. I will ask him to connect directly. Nothing to lose.

The projector specifications say that it can take a “4K x 2K” input signal, so why is downscaling to 1080p even relevant?

The AVR in the chain can’t

It can upscale to 4k but can’t pass 4k through?

Yeah. If I remember correctly it came out around the time every manufacturer would plaster “4k” all over the box before there was any kind of 4k standard.

Is this another situation where an HDFury AVRKey or an Egreat H10 would be useful, then?


Also, last firmware for the onkyo is 2015.

Connecting the Vero 4K+ straight to the projector didn’t make any difference.