Power supply seems to have died

The light does not show in standby and if I remove the power lead wait for 30 seconds then replace it the red light flashes for a split second then stops and the Vero does not boot up. I tried putting the power supply into a different powerboard but get the same result. This power supply is the original unit that came with the Vero so I suppose is around 4 years old and I don’t know what the life of a power supply unit is. Am I right in assuming the power supply could be the problem? When the Yamaha HTS is turned off the Red standby light no longer comes on as it used to. Are replacement power supplies available?

Yes see below. And to test if the problem is the power supply you could try to power the Vero with a USB A-A Cable.


Contact support@osmc.tv with order details first.

I’ve already ordered a power supply which won’t be sent until after September 21st

Where do you attach the USB cable on the Vero ? The only connections on the back of the Vero as I can see are LAN Cable/ HDMI/Optical Cable
Power Cable

To the USB on the side. So you need a USB A-A cable.

Is that the standard USB Male to Male both ends?

And you mean where you usually connect a HDD to play Movies?


Thanks I’ll whip down to Jaycar now and grab a cable. I might grab the Digitech Media player for $69.95 which will tide me over until the power supply arrives allowing there’s nothing wrong with the Vero after a test.

Okay, bought the USB cable hooked up the Vero and it comes up with a steady Red light so I’d say the Vero is okay but the power supply has had it. I’ve ordered a new power supply but they won’t be sent until September 21st.

Good to hear, but is it not booting? What do you see on the screen?

I didn’t hook it up to a screen, the Red Light came on and stayed on solid for about 5 seconds then switched off which I assume was going into boot mode. To test it on the TV screen I would need a very long USB cable as it is on the otherside of the house from the computer room where I did the test. The only way to do the test near the TV would be to use one of those plug in phone charger USB units if that would work.

Yes, this looks good. I thought the red light was staying on.

For testing this should be fine.

Just tested using my phone charger USB unit and Vero hooked up as it was previously to the Yamaha HTS and TV and it boots up and I can navigate to what I want so the Vero is okay. So it’s obviously the power supply that has problems. Thanks for the help. I’ve set up the Digitech now so I can use that until the new power supply arrives.

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FWIW. I had some mixed success with the supplied PSU. Yes, Sam graciously sent me another one, but it was equally noisy, so i bought a larger +5 and +12V SMPS and use it to feed all my gear. The Vero, the DVD Player and the USB hub. Less cables and rock solid.