Replacement Power Supply for Vero in UK

Does anyone have a link where I can purchase a power supply from in the UK?

I’m pretty sure it’s the power supply as I’ve just fired it up using my emergency charger and a A to A cable.

This post has links that no longer seem to work: Power supply seems to have died

Thanks for your help!


We have low stock currently. Hopefully it will be replenished early next month, then the link will work again.


Thanks for the rapid reply … Do you have any suggestions in the interim for what I could use? Is powering it over the USB port sensible in the short term?

You could use a 5V, 2A power supply with 5.5*2.1mm specs.
USB is OK in the interim if you are not attaching other peripherals.


Thanks! I have your powered usb hub attached, would that count as a peripheral and be risky? If so, could I drop down to a single USB key for data attached directly?

Yes - this is risky and you could lose data.

Fair enough, I’ve ordered one from Amazon for the interim instead:

Thanks for all your help!

Okay, keep in mind that if your device is in warranty we will replace your PSU for you as a priority.

We recommend avoiding third party PSUs where possible


The UK power supply is now back in stock and be purchased again.

You can grab them here;