Problem raspberry pi b+ / osmc alpha 4 / hyperion / stk1160 grabber


I am using OSMC Alpha 4 on a Raspberry Pi b+ and is trying to run usb grabber stk1160 with hyperion.

got this error:


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thanks for your help to solve this problem

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Please use


I’ve got an stk1160 video grabber as well … it isn’t supported well under the new kernels.
I’ve ordered an UTV007 instead, that one should work out of the box with newer kernels like OSMC is using.

Thanks CaNsA. Paste result of dmesg:

Theetjuh, if I could, I would like to use the stk1160. Thanks

Then I wish you good luck … none have had success yet, al reverted to an old kernel :expressionless:

Finallt I followed the advice of Theetjuh and I bought a usbtv007 grabber. someone could help me with the installation please in alpha 4. thx

@ r_pulp where did you buy the usbtv007 from m8 how much was it ? to get hyperion working I followed this guide but this was using raspbmc don’t know if it will work with osmc try this link might be what your after

Mine hasn’t arrived yet, but I think I got the URL aberboy77 poster in my favorites :smile:

I bought this (beware to be sold and shipped by amazon) but not how to install the driver in OSMC alpha 4. Aberboy77 link is for stk1160. Thanks

@ r_pulp it also says in the link if you read ahead that( I’d recommend a grabber with the UTV007 (Fushicai) chipset. It’s supported with OpenElec >=4.2.1 and features the best results for this purpose) but don’t know if it will work with osmc maybe you can try and let us know how you get on thanks

I got it running: Hyperion with Fushicai UTV007
The video grabber I order arrived today :smile:

congratulations Theetjuh :smile: you followed a guide to install the driver for the grabber? Thanks

what amp power supply are you using guys ?

Leds or raspberry?

[quote=“r_pulp, post:12, topic:1282”]
you followed a guide to install the driver for the grabber?
[/quote]nope, I think @sam_nazarko put it in the kernel :smile:

Alpha 4?

I have 1 power supply running both im using ws2801 following this guide

[quote=“r_pulp, post:16, topic:1282, full:true”]
Alpha 4?
[/quote]Yup Alpha 4

great, thank you very much

what power supply are you using guys and how many led’s is it running ?