Problem with 4k resolution and some 4k videos

Long post, bear with me.

To start, I did a web search for the proper UHD/HDR settings for my Vizio 4k TV. I found this article: Vizio V Series 2019 Calibration Settings -

Being that this is my first 4k TV, I assumed that everything is preset as far as all the calibrations for 4k viewing… Not even close!

You have to turn on the support for each HDMI Input. “Full UHD Color” and “Full Chroma 4:4:4” defaults are both set to “Off”. I also did some more calibrations off the recomendations from the article.

Next I downloaded the LG Chess HDR UHD 4K Demo, put it on a USB drive and directly connected to the USB port on my TV and WOW! the picture was fantastic. I took the same USB drive and connected it to the Vero and the same WOW! the picture was perfect. My apologizes Sam, It has nothing to do with the Vero.

Logs for this test: ivijekagoj

I then downloaded the same demo file onto my Seagate external hard drive and played it on the Vero and it was perfect, absolute brilliant colors and beautiful blacks.

Logs for this test: arekejurow

I did logs for 2 other movies I downloaded.

Transfromers the Last Knight 4k: javemiwase
Avengers Infinity Wars: uribeganok

My apologizes Sam and everyone here, It has nothing to do with the Vero 4k+ and everything to do with the ripping and encoding of the files. I heard (MOD EDIT: removed piracy related link)

heres the logs for the Avatar rip: ohudeneyan

I checked the MediaInfo logs for the difference in the LG Demo, Transformers and the Avatar movie, but I really don’t know what to look for to understand what makes one better than the other. Let me know and I can post the MediaInfo pics.