PS3 BD Remote (Gen1) Key Mapping

Hello, I recently had my Zotac mini HTPC with LibreElec on it die, and I took a chance on the Vero 4K…Kodi out of the box was pretty appealing.

Unfortunately, I’ve found myself hunting for instructions on how to install LibreElec on the Vero.

But before i head down that road, I figure i’ll try to get some help here first. My expectation, based on OpenElec and LibreElec was that my BD Remote would just work once I got it paired. Out of the box, i used the little included remote to quickly get my BD remote paired and thought i was done.

Unfortunately, as has previously been reported, only certain buttons are working (Play, Stop, Navigation) but other important ones like Vol Up, Vol Down, Mute, etc don’t work.
Like a previous poster, i tried the keymap add-on and managed to capture Rewind (61636), but all of the others I try don’t even register in that add-on.

I’ve reviewed and attempted the solutions below, without much luck.

and: - which is 3 years old and full of broken links.

I’m running the latest version of OSMC and my remote is a Gen 1 PS3 BD remote.

I would be willing to manually build a remote.xml if i could capture the codes the remote is sending…if only i knew how.

Please let me know if anyone has any suggestions.

If you enable Kodi debug logging, you should be able to get the codes from each press. We can then help you build a Keymap or get this included in OSMC

Thanks Sam!
Just enable debugging via the GUI and then work my way through the keys? Where is the log file written to?

The log file is /home/osmc/.kodi/temp/kodi.log