PS3 controller support

When talking to @joakim_s regarding emus he suggested to open a thread regarding PS3 controller support.
Connecting via USB should work out of the box with a recent kernel, at least it does in Ubuntu.
I‘m not familiar with the Linux input stack, maybe only some udev rule is missing.

Bluetooth requires the sixad service installed and running.
LibreELEC seems to have both out of the box and might be usable as a starting ground.

I can supply logs and do testing.


Mod: Vero4k(+)

We don’t even know what device you are running OSMC on…

Sorry, a Vero4k.

When can I expect a response?
Is there anything I can provide?

Try updating to the staging repository as I added support recently.

Didn’t see the thread PS3 dualshock kernel module when I opened this one.
When can I expect that this lands in the regular repo as this would update quite a lot and I don’t want to risk the amazing stability my Vero 4k had since its purchase (zero failures :hugs:)

You can wait until the next update which would be announced on the blog when released.

I was hoping for a rough estimated date :wink:
Can I upgrade only a single package instead of all to get this support?
I didn’t find any info regarding this repo in the wiki nor about downgrades back to stable, did I miss this?

Sure – but this isn’t a recommended workflow and not one that we can support.

When it’s ready :wink:


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Ok, so if I upgrade and find an issue, can I downgrade somehow? Also how can I ensure that I’ve all packages from the stable repo once the next stable update is released?

You can downgrade using APT, but would need to monitor which packages are being updated.

This is automatic.

If unsure, my advice is to just wait.

Here in Perl land this is called: ‘It will be finished by Christmas’ (which doesn’t say which one) :grin:

I’m undecided whether to do an update this month or focus on Debian Bullseye. It depends how much needs fixing…

Sure! I’ll save the list of updated packages to a file before trying the devel repo and report back.
@joakim_s I need to make sure that your build works as well.

I think it would be preferable to have a more modern Debian beneath first, and then I can focus on getting a retro-gaming build working for Vero4k(+) in the new environment. As @abraxxa knows there is a build of mine, with based on nov. -21 release. I was planning on one based on dec. -21, but I will w8 till buster, for I think that might solve some of the current build issues. We will see what happens, since me building, depends in factors like “friendly minded Mrs. J”, kids behavior and bunch of other projects I should spend some time with too.