Pyload and jdownloader on vero4k+

Hi I would like to know if pyload can be installed on vero4k
And also the possibility to install jdownloader

I don’t think JDownloader can run via command line.

Installing pyload will suffice, and you can install it following these instructions (for Debian)

Thanks I will try, is there anyone with experience installing pyload on vero4k?

I did, and it works perfectly.

The guide is not clear, is there another guide as Im beginner for such type of installation

Unfortunately I am not sure if you will get a simpler tutorial than that


The guide is confusing, it asks to download the zip file then how to install it after downloading?

You have to download the Deb file not the zip.

Then do

sudo dpkg -i /path/to/deb/file
sudo apt-get install -f

Ok thanks i will try

it says cannot access archive

Did you download the file to the Vero?

No i downloaded to my pc,
In which folder should i put the file in vero

Any folder, you just need to put the same path when you issue the dpkg command.

Can you please give an example? I put the file in plugins folder on vero , so what should I write ? I tried it tells no such directory

Which plugins folder? How did you copy the file? Via SSH?

No i downloaded by my pc then copied the file to my vero share folder which named plugins

You’re the only one to know which folder you shared, how should I know?

You need to put the same path you shared into the dpkg command.

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Ok I understand but how to write the path on command line can you please just give an example, lets suppose my file is in home folder on vero

You’ll put /home/[your username]

You mean the file name?
Which username?