Random freeze - kernel panic

OK so starting a new post as last one was closed.
Still getting the random freeze issue can happen in the gui or while playing.
Usually it doesnt show any errors at all.
Caught for the second time a kernel panic it froze while playing a stream and had debug mode on.
Nothing in the kodi.log but heres the dmesg http://pastebin.com/PmvvgUCf

Still using the version Sam linked in the last post 16.1.0-7


Just got a playback freeze after skipping forward a couple of times
Here’s the end of the kodi.log http://pastebin.com/WrFH1Xbc
Froze at around 00.27 even though the log continues after it froze but playback is unresponsive.
Nothing in dmesg

Do it correctly please if you dont want to use our bin then use pastebin but do it correctly there is a toggle that lets you save the complete log that makes our work so much easier cause our clairvoyant are not that great

To get a better understanding of the problem you are experiencing we need more information, including logs from you. Please see How to submit a useful support request - General - OSMC for advice on how to help us.


grab-logs -A -P > ~/diagnostic.log

and then if you want use the more appropriate switches just add em but please make a complete log in the future

optional arguments:
  -h, --help          show this help message and exit
  -A, --all           Include all logs
  -T FILENAME         Override default name and location of temporary log file
  -C, --copy          Copy logs to /boot (SD Card)
  -P, --print         Print logs to screen (no upload or copy)
  -I, --systeminfo    System Information
  -p, --piconfig      Pi config.txt
  -v, --advset        advancedsettings.xml
  -k, --keyboard      keyboard.xml
  -r, --remote        remote.xml
  -s, --sources       sources.xml
  -f, --fstab         fstab file
  -O, --packages      OSMC Packages
  -o, --othpack       All Other Packages
  -a, --apt           APT term.log, history.log, sources.list, apt.conf.d,
  -J, --sysjrn        System Journal
  -l, --lirc          lirc.conf file
  -i, --initd         init.d directory
  -d, --systemd       systemd directory
  -K, --kernel        Kernel Message Log
  -m, --memory        System Memory (total & available)
  -D, --disk          Diskspace (total & available)
  -b, --boot          Contents of /boot/
  -X, --kodi, --xbmc  Kodi log files (includes log from previous boot)

ok just this second had the same kernel panic so am doing as instructed

well someone didnt instruction you well cause full logs is always preferred

let me put this another way, i am now doing what you have just instructed!!

i updated the command so check back to my old post for a workin command the log will be placed in your OSMC home folder


so just grab if from there if your not comfortable using our pastebin and then upload it to the host you want to use im gonna add this to the wiki since ive seen users complain about feelin vulnerable not being in control over their data something i can sympathize with but not whole heartily agree with still i want to make the effort for OSMC to make those users feel that we respect their choice since it is their data.

your original command didnt work
osmc@osmc:~$ sudo grab-logs -A -T test.log Logs successfully uploaded. Logs available at http://paste.osmc.io/{"message":"Documentexceedsmaximumlength.
currently on my dropbox

yeah thats why i updated it use that command

grab-logs -A -P > ~/diagnostic.log

used a simple pipe to get the printed content into a file

ohh please post the dropbox link then so we can have a peak and see if there is an issue

sorry that meant to say currently uploading to dropbox
will post link when its done

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ok here it is https://www.dropbox.com/s/40bvk5yq04yfh4x/diagnostic_edited.log?dl=0

*edited log (cut out library update)

k im not gonna bitch and complain about the piracy stuff only leave you with a link on it and recommend that you consider what addons your using


since it is a rpi1 i would urge to limit how much you put on it cause the rpi1 is really limited in its capabilites

also overclocking is always a shit show that maybe the reason besides the addons for your instabilities so try do a more modest overclock like 800 or something.

will comeback with more comments when ive analyzed your log

I dont use that many addons and not sure which you mean to refer to.
Looking at the log I do have some old sources to some “not very popular” addons but no longer have those addons. Removing those sources now.
Overclock was on Medium so have now set to Normal, although there doesnt look like much difference. (Medium arm_freq 900 - Normal 850)

fusion is a repo thats pretty much not good for users i think the rest you can figure out if not check the kodi wiki banned addon section

will take a better look later today see if i can find something else thats also related to your problems

yup fusion source was on there but not an addon, was old and have now removed the source along with a few others which I dont use

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i looked at the logs

packages looks ok no problems with package manager etc, the Kodi log contains the normal associated issues with banned addons again not gonna go into detail about those. They can be a source of the problem but not necessary so is there anything specific that it usually crashes on or is it all random? how old is your charger btw ?

Thanks for looking.
Its completely random but I think I may have two separate issues as one freezes in playback from either smb, nfs or streamed and I get the kernel panic in dmesg.
The other can freeze randomly in the GUI if I move quickly through the menu or if I skip forward or back quickly during playback but that doesn’t show anything in the logs from what I can see.
I think i will do a fresh install as I haven’t for a long time and that maybe why there’s still suspect addons. I will go and check the wiki for banned addons now.

edit have just checked and I no longer have any as I removed the sources and addon earlier not realising they were still on my rpi

How old was your charger for the raspberry pi ?

ie psu

The log is quite massive there.

Is there any chance that you can post just the kernel panic?

How sure are you that it is a panic? Usually a panic will prevent you from uploading the logs unless you have persistent journaling enabled.

Okay I saw the tcp_urg() kernel panic.

Does the panic always look like this?

Which services do you have running and how are you connected to the network?

If you have overclocking, you should back that off.