Random freezes Vero 4K

Sometimes, one or two a day, my vero 4k freezes and does not respond either via remote control or via the web interface or via ssh or any installed app (smb - transmission from the app store). Nothing appears in the logs, the light of the hard disk 3TB fed separately remains locked and turned on, the only solution is to remove the current. What could be the problem? Thank you.

Do you power the 3TB Drive through USB from the Vero4K? Make sure the DIsk has its own power supply.
What I would do, is log into the Vero remotely using ssh, apply all updates on the command line with:

sudo apt update && sudo apt dist-upgrade

This to make sure that all updates are applied correctly.

I had a vero behave strangely due to a bad PSU. Sam has replaced it, and every was Ok.
My symptoms were sudden reboots and freezes, not reproductible…

Just tried, i’ve installed as new yesterday from sd with the last version available, didn’t modified anything from ssh and’ve installed smb and transmission from the app store. The hd has its own power supply… How can i test the psu?

Actually, only way it will work is if you have another Vero with a Power-Supply you could use.
Alternatively, check the polarity and the voltage of the current PSU and check if you don’t have another one to test with.
Check also if the “dmesg” command shows anything unusual. Best is to upload the logs…

If not - I’m afraid @sam_nazarko will need to send you a new one.

It is not normal that this device is unstable. Mine’s rock solid here.

Tnx bro! Today i’ll try…

I suggest that you upload the logs. Sounds like it might be the PSU.

My Vero 4K is rock solid. I have two Sundtek USB tuners and two 1TB HDDs connected via powered USB hubs. After one week running 24/7, it’s super-fast,
and super-stable.

Can i have the specs of the power plug? I’m gonna look for something like it

Are you using the Vero on a power extension cord? If so,try plugging it directly into a wall outlet - many users have had problems with both Vero and Raspberry Pi devices when using poor quality extension leads.

Plugged directly into but nothing has changed, it is locked now that I’m away from home

Update: can It be a problem due to the overhead of the USB port? I do not know how to explain it, it seems to happen when there are more than five torrent download with download speed to about 1.4 MB/s

@sam_nazarko I need your opinion

Well, it would be easy enough to find out, stop your torrents for a day and see if the problem goes away :wink:

I copied 2 files, total size about 45GB from my laptop to the Vero 4K, while watching a movie and had no freezes or audio/video problems at all.

On a Pi2, the above test would have been problematic

I’d need to see some logs.
Try unplugging the drive or using a different one for a while: sometimes a bad disk can cause a panic.

This is the gparted’s log for the connected HD

GParted 0.25.0 --enable-libparted-dmraid --enable-online-resize

Libparted 3.2

Controllo e riparazione file system (ext4) su /dev/sdb  00:00:41    ( SUCCESSO )
Calibrazione di /dev/sdb  00:00:00    ( SUCCESSO )
percorso: /dev/sdb (%s)
Inizio: 0
Fine: 732566644
Dimensione: 732566645 (2.73 TiB)
Controllo del file system su /dev/sdb per la presenza di errori e loro eventuale correzione  00:00:41    ( SUCCESSO )
e2fsck -f -y -v -C 0 /dev/sdb  00:00:41    ( SUCCESSO )
Passo 1: Controllo di inode, blocco(i) e dimensioni
Passo 2: Analisi della struttura delle directory 
Passo 3: Controllo della connettività di directory 
Pass 4: Controllo del numero dei riferimenti
Pass 5: Checking gruppo summary information 

346 inodes used (0.00%, out of 183148544)
0 non-contiguous files (0.0%)
1 non-contiguous directory (0.3%)
# of inodes with ind/dind/tind blocks: 0/0/0
Extent depth histogram: 64/80/194
245784300 blocks used (33.55%, out of 732566645)
0 blocchi danneggiati
222 large files

286 file regolari
51 directory
0 character device files
0 block device files
0 fifo
0 collegamenti
0 collegamenti simbolici (0 fast symbolic links)
0 socket
337 file
e2fsck 1.42.13 (17-May-2015)
Espansione file system per riempire la partizione  00:00:00    ( SUCCESSO )
resize2fs -p /dev/sdb  00:00:00    ( SUCCESSO )
resize2fs 1.42.13 (17-May-2015)
The filesystem is already 732566645 (4k) blocks long. Nothing to do!


Any logs from vero 4k, how can i do?

grab-logs -A
dmesg | paste-log

provide the two URLs

grab-logs -A - http://paste.osmc.io/ufuyonufon

dmesg | paste-log - http://paste.osmc.io/sunibimaxa

And now
grab-logs -A - http://paste.osmc.io/nacerupiqe
dmesg | paste-log - http://paste.osmc.io/xupilegufo

Can we keep this in one thread please? Otherwise it gets very confusing