Random No Sound or Stuttering Video - Vero 4K+

When trying to resume a heavy (4K HDR + Lossless True HD ATMOS) movie sometimes either the sound wont be present or the picture stutters very badly with no sound. Sometimes it says Buffering in the top right of the screen.

I use NFS and have no issues starting the file from the start or even resuming sometimes. It’s random - it certainly does it when updating the library and trying to play the file but other times nothing seems to be happening with the Vero. The CPU isn’t maxed out when I looked so I am lost. As it isn’t something that happens all the time I’m not sure how I can upload logs.

The wife isn’t happy though and wants me to just go back to using Plex with no TrueHD passthrough :frowning:

How is your Vero and your NAS connected?
Have you checked throughput with iperf3?
I think enabling debug logging (without on screen display) would be the best starting point to find out what is going on. But maybe already uploading your current logs might give some ideas.

The NAS is hardwired to the router and the vero is about 1m away in the same room on 5Ghz WiFi. I did try it wired and it seems to do the same thing.

How do I check the throughput with iperf3?

I’ll try recreate it tonight and upload the logs, thanks.

Dropouts with some TrueHD tracks are a known issue with Kodi upstream. Video should keep playing however.

My recommendation would be to see if you can reproduce this issue at specific timestamps. This will make obtaining logs a lot easier.


Do you know if the upstream issue is due to be fixed Sam please? I assume by the Kodi team.

Don’t expect anything fast (see below topic). But I doubt this is your problem therefore I didn’t mentioned it before.

Alright. I’ll have a good tinker tonight and see if I see what’s going on. Thanks @fzinken

I can confirm the stuttering video seems to be when resuming via WiFi. It’s as if it doesn’t buffer enough as buffering appears. This doesn’t happen on wired but the sound issue still occurs.