Raspberry pi 2 no internet

So, i jvae onstalle osmc on my raspberry pi 2, but i can’t use network, i have read another post similar to this but it’s not my siruation, i am connected to wifi but i can’t download anything, i can connect to it via ssh

If you can connect via SSH, then you have “proved” that the network is working at least to some extent

Is the Pi configured with a DHCP or static address ?

if it is a static address, have you set the correct default gateway ?

I’m sure it’s dhcp

Did you read this thread?

Sounds exactly what you are reporting.

If it was DHCP the Pi would not have an IP to allow SSH.

Yes that is my thread.

The closest I have found is someone reporting same issue as me with long times for trace route. He has identified 26% dropped packets. I may have the same issue.

This is the other thread. Only difference is he is using Pi B and a different wifi dongle. Otherwise same issue.

I know that it’s your thread. My response was in this thread started by @Guitar_Lori