Raspberry pi 3 and HDHomerun

I just loaded OSMC on a new pi 3. Used the OSMC windows installer to the SD card and chose the latest OSMC release. Added many Add-ons, most of which seem to work just fine, except HDHomerun. This problem exists both with the HDHomerun Add-on and using the UPNP playback under Video->files-HDHomerunTuner. I’ve tested this before using an older versions of OSMC and the pi 2 with no problems.

With the pi 3 I’ve loaded OSMC twice on two different SD cards. One with classic Kodi and the other with OSMC. Playback problems are the same on both

Problem detail: The playback is slow with the audio playback at almost normal planback speed but the video is lagging behind. Eventually they become so far apart the the video stops. It’s hard to close the program and get back to the home screen. I’ve tried to enable debug, recreate the problem, create a log and upload it. Went through the steps. not sure if it all worked

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The URL is: http://paste.osmc.io/ozepocemen

Do I assume correctly that the HDHomerun streams are MPEG2? If yes then you would need to purchase and install the MPEG2 license key.

You could be right. I’ll go get one and report back


Once you have the MPEG-2 license installed it will work. I connect to my HDHomeRun Connect via a RPi 2 and it works great.


I’ve got the MPEG-2 license installed and it’s all working.

I remember now installing the MPEG2 license on earlier version of pi to get HDHomerun working.

Thanks for reminding me. A silly mistake.