Raspberry Pi 7" Touch screen

I have the new official Raspberry Pi 7" Touch screen (connected to a Pi2), and I was able to boot up the latest OSMC. The display worked, I could see the OSMC boot logo, as well as kodi once it was up and running. It was not full resolution, however I noticed that in the latest Raspbian also (a developer build of Raspbian seemed to give the full 800 x 480).

What didn’t work however was the Touch function, this is what I would like to focus in on first, does anyone know what package I would need to get that working?

Apt-get update then upgrade didn’t get me any further.

not sure if this would help OSMC and the new Official Raspberry Display

Grab the latest version of OSMC (Spetember ) it supports the touch screen

Can you run both HDMI and this display at the same time?

May I know your config.txt? I can’t display on the touch screen.