Raspberry PI and audio issue

I have been using the RP for many years, i recentl;y swtiched over to the OSMC platform, and so ar I am enjoying it… however, I have run into an issue I am not sure how to solve… I read and googled as much as I can stand before deciding to ask here for help (I dont like bothering people with stupid questions).

as stated i run OSMC on the Raspberry PI 2. the audio out is something i used a great deal on the other platform and i miss it here… is there a quick and easy way to enable it (like it was on the other platform. I was able to select the HDMI and AUDIO OUT) that option is not available. Can someone please direct me where to look further to enable this feature?

thank you

I assume you mean analog audio via the 3.5mm connector?
Check this thread

yes, analogue - thank you for your quick reply :grinning:
I will give it a try in the morning

thank you again

I tried what was suggested and it still does not work.
I tried it on 2 lines and on one with an _ between

is there a differnt phrase for PI2
i should note also that the audio 3.5mm is not available on the system/audio screen either
would it just be easier to downgrade to a previous version?

If you shared your config-user.txt that would really help!



Just remove that to avoid any impact to the other lines

so, if I understand correctly, remove the lines you suggested I add to correct the audio out issue… and that will put me back to where I was before…

is there not a working workaround?

No, just add


nothing else

oh, okay… I’ll give a try…
thank you

It worked!
thank you

is there a solution for all the noise (crackling)?

Check this thread

thank you yet again :slight_smile: